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In the First century BC, a Thracian slave by the name of Spartacus escaped from the gladiatorial arenas of Rome and led an army of gladiators on a rampage across the Italian Peninsula. This was also known as the Third Servile War - or the War of Spartacus. It was also the only massive slave rebellion that actually threatened the Roman Republic. For 2 years (73 BC - 71 BC), Spartacus and his army went on a rampage throughout what we know as Italy today and looted and pillaged the countryside. At the height of the rebellion, Spartacus' army was over 120,000 men, women and children strong.

In the past 50 odd years, there have been a number of movies and plays about the historical figure. The classic 1960 version, starring Kirk Douglas as Spartacus is probably one of the best versions of the story:

In Sacred 2, you will eventually make it to the Broken Lance Tavern. This is the place where you start the Undead Legion chain quest. In the rear of the tavern area, there is another house and in front of the house, there is a man with a quest - Brutus Plutocratio, slave owner/trader.

If you're playing the light path, you accept his quest to retrieve the slave shackles and when you find the slaves, you make a deal with them - you get the shackles and they get to leave the area alive.

However, if you're on the shadow path, you're not likely to be quite so nice. You take no prisoners and retrieve the 10 shackles. When you return, Brutus will pay you for your trouble. After the fact, the guards will attack. After you've eliminated the lot of them, you need to talk to Brutus again who will explain just what happened. It seems the slave leader, Spartus Spartacio, who was trained to be his bodyguard decided to gather an army and attack him.


Of course, we're not likely to let history repeat itself...

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