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Speed Astral Lord Shadow Warrior

By DarkmachinE

Ok, this is my first real guide for a Shadow Warrior. I decided on focusing the Shadow Warrior on speed, good pickups, dual wield and some blacksmithing. I used a couple ideas for a really good beatdown Shadow Warrior with protection and speed kills. I am only at level 37 with this Shadow Warrior on silver and did not take long to build this one because of the build sequence below.

Astral Lord Lore 16 Astral Lord Focus 16 Blacksmith 10 Enhanced Perception 30 Armor Lore 24 Tactics Lore 31 Dual wield 1 Combat Discipline 1 Speed Lore 10 (will be when I reach 50) Toughness 10 (will be when I reach 65)

I thought about using speed and toughness just in case there was a few times that I would be in a hoard of "hard as nails crack orc" (inquisitor saying ha) areas like in Entruag or facing the dark prince in the swamps. That is why I chose these combat arts and combos to counter that situation:

Demonic Blow Vehemence - Fraility - Leech Life

Scything Sweep Force - Intent - Hurl

Frenzied Rampage Double Attack - Double Strike - Vampire

I chose these because I rather have groups or teams of baddies surround me and all take the hit. This combo I powered up with Tactics lore, 31 points, to bring the pain to groups I lore to me or just chase me in a circle then unleash it. With 0.5 sec regeneration I have plenty of chances to throw a beating on at least 10-12 baddies with lotsa of XP.

Another combo I use while using the one above is:

Augmenting Guidon Ensign - Healing - Leadership

Skeletal Fortification Rapid Fire - Ice Shards - Scatter Shot

While the above combo is hurting the crowd around me, I activate this combo to ward off any archers deciding to stay clear of the above combo and get pelted with double the arrows and I get an extra boost of healing and attack at the same time.

Again this is my first guide set and I have 5/8 pieces of the Dendran set armor which is pretty cool btw.

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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