Sacred 2:Spell Damage Based Combat Arts

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DRdd.gif Dust Devil

DRtt.gif Twisted Torment

DRvd.gif Viperish Disease

DRbc.gif Black Curse

DRmt.gif Malicious Totem

DRel.gif Edaphic Lances

DRtv.gif Tangled Vine

HEaf.gif Ancestral Fireball

HEbt.gif Blazing Tempest

HEis-2.gif Incendiary Shower

FF-Mini.gif Frost Flare

HEgt.gif Glacial Thorns

HErn.gif Raging Nimbus

HEcs-1.gif Cobalt Strike

HEss.gif Shadow Step

HEem.gif Expulse Magic

INla.gif Levin Array

INcm.gif Clustering Maelstrom

INrt.gif Raving Thrust

INds.gif Dislodged Spirit

INis.gif Inexorable Subjugation

INed.gif Eruptive Desecration

SEbs-1.gif Baneful Smite

SErp.gif Radiant Pillar

SEfn.gif Flaring Nova

SWbv.gif Belligerent Vault

SWks.gif Killing Spree

SWsf.gif Skeletal Fortification

TGds.gif Deathly Spears

TGad.gif Amplifying Discharge

TGfem.gif Furious Emblazer

TGjt.gif Jolting Touch

TGab.gif Archimedes Beam

TGpl.gif Propelled Levitation

TGpm.gif Primal Mutation

TGfe.gif Fiery Ember

TGie.gif Icy Evanescence

TGcg.gif Charged Grid

DMds.gif Dragon Strike

DMef.gif Eternal Fire

DMd.gif Destroyer

DMgw.gif Gust of Wind

DMt.gif Tornado

DMms.gif Mind Strike

DMeb.gif Energy Blaze

Buffs that Cause Spell Damage

Certain Buffs also function as Spell Damage Based Combat Arts. Their damage, casting speed, and regeneration are affected by the same skills and attributes as other damage spells in their aspect. These buffs are:

buffHEis.gif Incandescent Skin - High Elf

buffINsr.gif Soul Reaver - Inquisitor (Requires "Deathmagic" modification to do damage)

buffINrp.gif Reverse Polarity - Inquisitor (Requires "Sphere" modification to do damage)

buffSEcb.gif Cleansing Brilliance - Seraphim

buffTGts.gif T-Energy Shroud - Temple Guardian (Requires "Derogate" modification to do damage)

buffTGuf.gif Untouchable Force - Temple Guardian

Corresponding Skills

All the spell damage Combat Arts are affected by the following skills:

  • Combat Discipline will increase their damage and reduce their regeneration time if any of these Combat Arts is placed within a combo.
  • Their respective Aspect Focuses lower their regeneration times and allow higher CA level without penalty.
  • Their respective Aspect Lores boost their casting speed, damage and chance for critical hits.
    • NOTE: Five spell-based combat arts listed above are in aspects that use Tactics Lore as their aspect lore. For these combat arts, Tactics Lore will ONLY increase damage and critical chance, while the appropriate weapon lore (for example, Sword Weapons when wielding a sword) will increase casting speed. This is somewhat unusual and counterintuitive since although the weapon itself isn't used for the combat art, its attack speed is. The five spell-based combat arts that function in this way are:

Corresponding Attributes

  • Intelligence affects the damage inflicted by spell based Combat Arts.
  • Stamina fastens the regeneration of all Combat Arts, including spell based ones.

Applying the Item Modifiers

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