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In Tavern Lakeview you can find the below services. See Map Icons:


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Tavern Lakeview is located on the shore of the Bottomless Lake in northeastern Artamark. You will find stairs leading downward behind the tavern that provide access to Crag Rock.

A flag of black, blue and red with a golden castle is flown at Tavern Lakeview and a few other places around Artamark. Its significance is unknown.

Locate Tavern Lakeview on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's


There is a ship and a monilith at Artamark's Gate, head east. There is also a monolith at Skook's Corner, head northeast.

The closest portal is at Griffinborough. Head north from town.

As there are few merchants along the route to Tavern Lakeview, a traveler would be wise to stock up on any supplies they may need for the journey.


There are no enemies near the tavern however, there are numerous ghosts (bear, boar, wolf and Human) and wolves on the road to the tavern.

Interesting Photos

Entrance to Crag Rock


  • This location is referred to as the Ocean View Tavern by Militia Captain Gabelte in The Retreat Area portion of the A New Hope chain quest. As there are substantial mountains in the way, there is no way anyone can actually see the ocean from this location.
  • The signpost at the crossroads approaching the tavern and the lake calls the tavern by it's proper name.
  • The Community Patch 1.60 corrects all instances where this location is erroneously called "Ocean View Tavern."

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