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There are 20 Temples of the Gods located throughout the Regions of Ancaria. They are impressive buildings and always a must for all visitors. Some are maintained by priests while others have been forgotten in the wilderness. Praying to the player's chosen Deity results in a 25% reduction in the remaining regeneration time for their Divine Gift. Altars within the temples also give a temporary experience bonus of +100%. The temples are listed in here in an approximate order the player will encounter them when following the Main Campaign. Below them is a map showing the locations of each temple on the map.

Temples in Tyr Lysia

#1 Sloeford
#2 Copper Peaks
#3 Thylysium
#4 Sea of Heavens
#5 Libi's Pratfall

Temples in Artamark

#6 Griffinborough
#7 East Artamark
#8 Grunwald

Temples in Nor Plat

#9 Gronkor's Outlook
#10 Tharak

Temples in Dragon Sea Islands

#11 Mount Island
#12 Seraphim Island

Temples in The Swamp

#13 Northern Swamp
#14 Southern Swamp

Temples in Bengaresh Desert

#15 Khorum
#16 Northern Bengaresh

Temples in The Jungle

#17 Eastern Jungle Area

Temples in Dyr Lain

#18 Logaeiar
#19 Ancestral Chamber

Temples in The Wastelands

#20 Wastelands

Polytheist Achievement Map

The map below is to help those trying to complete the Polytheist achievement to locate each of the 20 Temples of the Gods in Ancaria. Hover over the icons on the map to see more information. Click on the icons to open a new window that will display the location on the SacredWiki maplib map of Ancaria.