Sacred 2:The Old Records

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Quick Walkthrough

  • Talk to Lord Gemma's Clerk
  • Receive Notes on the Legion (automatic)
  • Return and talk to Mage Wylmieni

Detailed Walkthrough

You are in the Blessed Rock Manor mansion, where you visit Lord Gemma's Clerk.

He has just told you about the story of Terus, a general who lived 100 years ago. He made a treaty with the evil to be even more powerful, but that's the risk: he was betrayed by that evil force, who only wanted to conquer Ancaria. A group of Lumen clerks interrupted the process, but as the ritual had begun, Terus, General of the Undead Legion and his soldiers became damned. The story says that, from then, Terus and his soldiers wake up from their tombs to bring death and destruction among the alive.

Being still a bit shocked about the story you begin to think what to do now.


Ah it is. A most tragic story. 100 years ago there was a general by the name of Terus. He commanded his army with an iron fist, and his desire for power was just as great as his strategic competence! In order to obtain his victories in battle even more effectively, he made a pact with the dark forces. But the evil forces betrayed him! The powers of darkness only wanted to gain control of the souls of the soldiers.
Fortunately Terus was interrupted by Lumens Priests during a crucial magic ritual, they they were able to prevent all of Ancaria from being infested by an army of Demons. But the ritual was already underway so Terus and the soldiers were cursed. Every 100 years - That's what is written here - the soldiers must rise up out of their graves and bring death and destruction to the living. I must admit, I always thought that it was just a scary story. A story that might be told around a bonfire while holding a lantern to your frace. Well I guess I was wrong. Please take these documents to Wylmieni.


It's time to walk back again to Broken Lance Tavern, and ask Wylmieni, she will know what to do next. So after a nice walk-around through the forest you finally find back Wylmieni, who seems to be pleased to see you again. She wants to take a look on what you found out...



It's you! It's nice to see you. Ah! So you found something? Very good. Let's have a look...


The next task will be Identifying the Undead.

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