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In Bengaresh Threshold you can find the below services. See Map Icons:



Bengaresh Threshold is the border between Tyr Lysia and Bengaresh Desert. Bengaresh Threshold is the border region where the rolling grass turns into boiling sand and the evergreens turn into prickly cacti.

Locate Bengaresh Threshold on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's

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Four portals are basically equidistant from the Bengaresh Threshold region. Use the Teardrop Hamlet in Tyr Lysia and head southeast. Or, in the Desert, Khorum portal and head north or Badawi portal and head east. The player can also travel west along the border from El-Darrag, the village that cast out the hapless Elves.

There is a monolith just south of the cave between The Swamp and the Bengaresh Desert. If the player has this monolith active it is closer to this location than any of the portals. El-Darrag, Badawi, and Khorum also have monoliths.


T-Mutant Enemies: Mutated Spitting Spiders, Boars, Bears, Giant Rats and Blade Spiders

Desert Foes: Du'rach Alnars, Krinars and Scarins, and Blade Spiders

Interesting Photos

Sand Trap ?
Tyr-Lysia Border
Bengaresh Border


As of the Ice and Blood expansion's release, there is a bug in the game that shows "The Red River" as the title for part of this region. The Red River is actually located in the The Cursed Forest - one of the two new regions added by the expansion.