Sacred 2:The Search for Clues

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Quick Walkthrough

Detailed Walkthrough

You leave Thylysium after a long rest, full of energy and desiring new adventures. You walk north, towards Clearview, but you stop half the way in the Broken Lance Tavern.

You find there a mage called Wylmieni, who talks you about The Undead Legion, a plague of undead which is devastating the nearby villages.


Bring me the old records!

My name is Wylmieni. I am here on a mission from the Thylysium Council to investigate the reports of increased number of attacks by the undead. This is a terrible matter. The people are talking about their houses being attacked by hosts Undead Legionairies. It is possible that something more dangerous than I originally assumed is behind this phenomena. I read about something like this happening before in an ancient document, but I can't remember what it was. Lord Gemma's estate is very close to here. A historian with a rather comprehensive library works there. he might be familiar with the records that I was talking about. Please go and ask him if he has any records about this Legion of the Undead.


Mage Wylmieni asks you to find clues to demonstrate this undead plague is what she calls The Undead Legion, some kind of ancestral tale. You are told to search for information in the Blessed Rock Manor mansion, south-east from here.

You contact Lord Gemma's Clerk, who after searching the mansion's private library, finds for you some ancestral writings about a tale: a legion of undead comes from the underworld to break havoc in the alive world.


Welcome to the Blessed Rock Manor! How can I be of assistance?

Hmmm...yes, there have been reports of these Undead Legions before. I always thought they were just ghost stories. Standard gossip among farmers. I'm sure you know what I mean. But what if there is some truth to it?! I think I have something in my library. A document that's about 100 years old. It tells of the Legion of Terus Lemendi. I'm not sure it actually has something to do with the undead, but you know the saying about how you never know until you try!


Now you have the clues Mage Wylmieni was looking for you can go to the next step: The Old Records.

Logbook Entry

An Undead Legion is apparently making the neighborhood unsafe. The Thylysium Council sent a mage to look into this matter. She asked me to assist her in her research. At Blessed Rock Manor there is supposed to be a historian who might possibly have helpful documents in his records.

I think your in luck! The historian knows of a text that contains the story of the Legion of Terus Lemendi. That might have something to do with the undead.


  • There are two ways to get fast to the start point: the first one is starting from Thylysium's portal and walking north-east through the city temple, and then north (as shown in the map); the second one is starting from Clearview's portal and walking south. Probably the one from Clearview is a bit quicker.
  • If you have the CM patch installed the quest giver might not be there when you first go past this inn. There is a pre-quest added that you pick up in the military camp north of Clearview. The quest name is Back to the Front. The quest giver for that quest is Officer Rewilneth.