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Throwing Potions are a type of Ranged Weapons that were considered Lost Items and then reactivated in the Community Patch.

Ranged Weapons Modifiers for Throwing Potions

Item Level refers to the minimum level the item must be for the modifier to be able to appear. The item level 70 modifier requires Ranged Weapons mastery for it to be unlocked.

Item Level 1 25 70 - Requires Mastery
Modifier ... ... ...

Damage Types

  • Throwing Potions typically deal multiple types of damage. Depending on the weapon they will also deal any of the elemental damage types. The damage types are not restricted to a single one at a time, you can have Throwing Potions that have multiple elemental damages, allowing for several different status effects being possible without any additional gear.


  • Low

Firing Speed

  • Very Fast

Projectile Speed

  • Moderate

Projectile Path

  • Parabolic Curve
  • Can be affected by terrain, however they work better than other ranged weapons in the desert because they can arc over the sand dunes at times.


  • Short


  • Up to two gold sockets as well as the gray damage converter socket. However since they are one handed you can also equip a shield, adding additional sockets.


  • Throwing Potion
  • Explosive Liquid
  • Hazardous Phial

Common Throwing Potions

Notable Throwing Potions

Unique Throwing Potions:

Legendary Throwing Potions:

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