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  • Enemy Type: Troll
  • Behavior: Very dumb and highly aggressive to outsiders. Live together with Kobolds.
  • Distribution: West Ancaria
  • Population: ?
  • Size Class: Huge
  • Combat Strength: High
  • Alignment: Evil
  • Quote: "Trolls strong!"

Trolls are uncouth, intellectually challenged creatures with very low skills in language and expression. These giants even outreach Ogres in size. They like clear structures and rules, which is why they prefer a strict hierarchy in their community. Still they are very social beasts when interacting with their own, and stay together whenever it is necessary.

Some scholars speculate that their peaceful coexistence with the Kobolds is because they mix up Kobolds with Troll children. Unfortunately confirmed knowledge on this matter is lacking so far. The adventurer won’t see much of this idyllic lifestyle though. Trolls defend their territory fiercely and with brutal force against anything and anyone who wants to invade them, or if they don’t like your nose.

More information on Trolls can be read about in The Lore of Monsters, Book 4: Trolls

Troll Warrior

Troll Shaman

Troll Shamans are among the few rare individuals of the Troll race that can wield powerful magic. They wear distinct purple robes and are not to be underestimated under any circumstances.


"Basically, they are soft trolls. Stupid and strong and perfect foot warmers." - From the Seraphim Guidebook of the Huntress.

Yeti are the Trolls' northern cousins. Covered in white fur, they are otherwise like Trolls in build and behavior, using crude weapons and aggressively attacking. Sometimes they are led by powerful Chieftains. Yeti can be found naturally on Christmas Island/Northland as well as in the Crystal Plane region, where they were brought by the Seraphim to hunt.

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