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  • Trophies earned in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel on the PS3 listed in order, from Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum
  • There are hidden trophies as well. Their names are usually hidden because their titles could deemed as 'spoilers'


livingmonument-1.pngLiving Monument - Your Temple Guardian reaches level 15

thedreadedone-1.pngThe Dreaded One - Your Inquisitor reaches level 15

herooftyrlysia-1.pngHero of Tyr Lysia - Your High Elf reaches level 15

onewithnature-1.pngOne with Nature - Your Dryad reaches level 15

huntingpresence-1.pngHunting Presence - Your Shadow Warrior reaches level 15

blessed-1.pngBlessed - Your Seraphim reaches level 15

walker-1.pngWalker - Any Hero completing a quest in the Orc Region during Campaign

wanderer-1.pngWanderer - Any Hero completing a quest in the Dragon Realm during Campaign

travelingperson-1.pngTraveling Person - Any Hero completing a quest in the Marshes of Hissil'Ta during Campaign

adventurer-1.pngAdventurer - Any Hero completing a quest in the Deserts of Bengaresh during Campaign

globetrotter-1.pngGlobetrotter - Any Hero completing a quest in the Jungle Region during Campaign

discoverer-1.pngDiscoverer - Any Hero completing a quest in Dyr-Lain, the Isle of Dryads during Campaign

expeditionmaster.pngExpedition Master - Any Hero completing a quest in the Wastelands during Campaign

diligent-1.pngDiligent - Any Hero has solved 20% of all side quests

juniorcartographer-1.pngJunior Cartographer - Any Hero has explored 30% of the map

tombraider-1.pngTomb Raider - Any Hero has read 100 epitaphs (graves)

polytheist-1.pngPolytheist - Any Hero has explored all 20 temples

bookworm-1.pngBookworm - Any Hero has read 33 books

ascaronfan-1.pngAscaron Fan - Any Hero has found the secret halls of Ascaron

cityguide-1.pngCity Guide - Any Hero has visited all 42 towns

grouphug-1.pngGroup Hug - Any Hero fighting alongside three other heroes in multiplayer mode

hospitable-1.pngHospitable - You hosted your first multiplayer game

hawker-1.pngHawker - You successfully traded with another user

combatartexpert-1.pngCombat Art Expert - Any Hero has maximized a combat art modification

millionaire-1.pngMillionaire - Any Hero owning 1,000,000 gold

greatenhancer-1.pngGreat Enhancer - Any Hero has forged something into an item for the first time

scrooge-1.pngScrooge - Any Hero has completed the main quest without buying anything


legendary-1.pngLegendary - Any Hero reaches level 35

brightsaviorofancaria-1.pngBright Savior of Ancaria - Any Hero has completed the Light campaign

darkrulerofancaria-1.pngDark Ruler of Ancaria - ANy Hero has completed the Dark campaign

survivalist-1.pngSurvivalist - You completed the campaign with a Hero who never died

dedicated-1.pngDedicated - Any Hero has finished Bronze with no more than 20% of the map being explored

dreadnought-1.pngDreadnought - Any Hero has slain 25 boss monsters

mastercartographer-1.pngMaster Cartographer - Any Hero has explored 50% of the map

extremelydiligent-1.pngExtremely Diligent - Any Hero has solved 40% of all side quests

fashionvictim-1.pngFashion Victim - Any Hero wearing a complete armor set for the first time


See Hidden Trophies


heroofancaria-1.pngHero of Ancaria - Earn all trophies in the game to achieve the Sacred 2 Platinum Trophy "Hero of Ancaria"

Hidden Trophies