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icon13.gif NOTE: The contents of this page are exclusive content found only by installing the player-made mega-mod Diablo 2 Fallen.


Burning Dead

Sacred 2:Burning Dead (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Moldered Lich

Sacred 2:Moldered Lich (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Moldered Lich King

Sacred 2:Moldered Lich King (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Moldered Skeleton Archer

Sacred 2:Moldered Skeleton Archer (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Moldered Skeleton Mage

Sacred 2:Moldered Skeleton Mage (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Moldered Skeleton Warrior

Sacred 2:Moldered Skeleton Warrior (Diablo 2 Fallen)


Sacred 2:Skelacin (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Skeleton Archer

Sacred 2:Skeleton Archer (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Skeleton Mage

Sacred 2:Skeleton Mage (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Skeleton Warrior

Sacred 2:Skeleton Warrior (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Undead Auxillar

Sacred 2:Undead Auxillar (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Undead Centurion

Sacred 2:Undead Centurion (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Undead Legion Mage

Sacred 2:Undead Legion Mage (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Undead Legionnaire

Sacred 2:Undead Legionnaire (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Undead Tribune

Sacred 2:Undead Tribune (Diablo 2 Fallen)


Flayed One

Sacred 2:Flayed One (Diablo 2 Fallen)


Sacred 2:Ghoul (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Moldered Zombie

Sacred 2:Moldered Zombie (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Moldered Zombie Warrior

Sacred 2:Moldered Zombie Warrior (Diablo 2 Fallen)


Sacred 2:Mummy (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Mummy Priest

Sacred 2:Mummy Priest (Diablo 2 Fallen)


Sacred 2:Zombie (Diablo 2 Fallen)


Putrid Defiler

Sacred 2:Putrid Defiler


Sacred 2:Banished


Sacred 2:Vampire


Undead Bosses:

Undead Super-Uniques:

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