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While walking near the Vein Lake in the Cursed Forest, the traveller may run into a zombie, who offers a little quest called Holidays at lake Ader. From the first sight this quest appears to be strange and maybe even bugged - if you don't know that this task, which requires only to talk to the mentioned zombie, is a pure Easter Egg.
But this Easter Egg is most probably clear only to some German players, because it's a reference to a German Hip Hop song. Its original name is "Urlaub am Attersee", which can be transalated as "Holidays at Attersee" or "Holidays at lake Atter".

The name of the quest doesn't match the song exactly - but it matches the actual it game place. In German the word 'Ader' means 'Vein', so the Vein Lake would be called 'Adersee', which resembles the name 'Attersee'. We will never know for sure how this Easter Egg actually appeared, but there can be two versions:

  1. The developers named the place 'Vein Lake' because it really is a lake of blood, then translated it to German, got 'Adersee' as the result, and then someone remembered the song (which appeared around the coding time for Ice and Blood) and put it in because 'Attersee' sounds like 'Adersee'.
  2. One of the developers liked this song and decided to design an Easter Egg related to it, and therefore named the place 'Adersee', which was later translated as 'Vein Lake'.

The first version sounds more believable, especially if you count that the lake in Sacred doesn't look like the actual german lake Attersee.

It's not hard to notice that this zombie's name is Immo (or FreaqZombie with the Community Patch), which are references to the Rapper FlowinImmO and the band FREAQZ respectively. Looks like the zombie spends his time singing this song and is definitely captivated with this pastime. He even doesn't notice that your character doesn't want to sing with him.

And the meaningless dialog this zombie offers to you is actually the lyrics of this song (this part of it is quite meaningless too, by the way). You may compare them yourself if you like - the original song is here:

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