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This Easter Egg is homage to Leonardo Davinci's famous drawing The Vitruvian Man:

Which is sometimes referred to as Proportions of Man, or even Canon of Proportions. The drawing is held at Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice, and is considered so valuable that it is only taken out for view on rare, special occasions.

This Easter Egg was discovered in a post at the Sacred International Forum. A member named ChinaCat created a topic to show the much larger amount of detail available in dungeons while using the Elite Graphics Textures available with the Collector's Edition version of Sacred 2. Only when looking carefully at the picture upon the ground can we see the reference made to Leonardo Davinci's famous Vitruvian Man with the image only being able to be clearly seen while using the Elite Textures Pack.

There are more "Vitruvian Monsters" to be found in Ancaria. This one is clearly recognizable even without the Elite Graphics Texture pack (the screenshot below was made with the usual textures, yet with maximised graphics settings). This picture can be found in the small ritual room inside the cave north of Na'Fian. The player has a nice opportunity to behold the picture while visiting the Ascaron Employee Ralph Roder who hides inside this cave, while completing the Temple Guardian's class quest (without the Community Patch) or while completing The Impostor chain quest (with the Community Patch).

A third one may be found in the house of Insane Scientist Kragik during The Mad Butcher quest. His house is near Orcish Byway just beyond the Nor-Plat Border Wall. Inside his house is a chamber for vivisecting Orcs, complete with a torture table, tools, and a familiar Orc Anatomy chart (on right table):

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