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While walking through the Swamp region, the player can notice quite a few WarCraft-like things. The creatures' and places' names sound somewhat WarCraft-styled, Lich Kings walk the streets... It won't be surprising to meet the infamous Orcish Shaman Ner'Zhul himself in such a place. And you would really meet him in Neithu'thaz if you're playing the Singleplayer Campaign. He adjusted to the surrounding (Orcish Shaman won't be exactly welcome among the Lizardmen) and tweaked his name a bit, but he is still recognizable.

The ones who played WarCraft II:Beyond the Dark Portal would remember Ner'Zhul searching for artifacts from Azeroth in order to fullfill Gorefiend's plan. One of those artifacts was the Book of Medivh. And even in Sacred 2 Nar'Zhul is still after that book. If you accept his quest Treasure Hunting, he would ask your character to assist him in his search. And again, like in WarCraft II, the book is kept in an abandoned fortress in the flooded area. No, in Sacred 2 you won't have to raise that fortress from under the sea, but the Swamp region is flooded enough by itself. And unlike WarCraft, you won't have to battle Demons in order to get the book, the enemies guarding the fortress would be the usual Monsters - Toxic Elementals and Olms. But Nar'Zhul's reaction on the book, when you bring it to him, clarifies that the spellbook written by Medivh was its prototype.

High Priestess Laurena

An interesting parallel of an NPC in Sacred 2 Fallen Angel is High Priestess Laurena of Warcraft who is a high-ranking member of The Church of Holy Light. A level 60 human priestess, Laurena is charged with the training of would be priests in the human city of Stormwind. Her Sacred 2 counterpart is Princess Lerana, the quest giver for the quest Rivals which may be found near the northernmost Rune Master in Thylysium. This interesting Easter Egg is also referenced in a thread at DarkMatters

Community Patch Additions

Community Patch brings on more reason to remember the Lich King. And this time you have an opportunity not to meet this famous character, but become one. v110 brings out a new set named Scourge of Lordaeron, that looks like the armor of the Lich King from Warcraft games.

Scourge of Lordaeron Set

Lich King of WoW

And before you ask - no WoW models or textures were used, the set was created from scratch.

Its name is also a reference to the Warcraft universe - the Undead Scourge and the continent and human kingdom of Lordaeron.

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