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In Wargfels you can find the below services. See Map Icons:






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Wargfels is located in central Artamark along the banks of the West-Skookemchuck River. It has one of the more unusual quests in Manners maketh Kobold. One of the quest rewards is your own 'Fools Hat'.

Wargfels flies the green and white flag of the Urtamark barony. This is one of the few towns where the enemies will come inside the town borders from time to time.

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Quests & NPC's

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The Wargfels portal is just across the river on the south side of town. Or head southwest across river from Kufferath Castle portal or monolith which is just slightly farther away. Also The Black Oaks monolith is close by. Just head west from Black Oaks across the bridge and then head north..


The most common enemies are Slave Outcasts, wolves and boars. You will also encounter Dark Cult members west of town.

Interesting Photos

Defensive Tower
Burned Out House
Pumpkin Patch
Shadow Vine Estate
Village Fool


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