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Console GUI

Multiplayer Modes


Regarding differences between PC and Xbox360 versions for achievements:

  • To gain the Location Achievements (EG Ambler - Discoverer) on the Xbox360 "Any Hero reaching the Location) and accepting a quest there"
  • To gain the Extremely Diligent Achievement "Any Hero completed 40% of all side quests" which is worth 30 Gamerscore points.
  • The Achievement "Combat Art Expert" is named "Expert" on the Xbox360 which is different from PC version.
  • To get Survivalist on the Xbox360 "Any Hero completed the main quest in Bronze or Silver Difficulty without dying". It is currently unknown whether this Achievement can be earned in Gold and Above.

Major differences between Xbox360 and PC versions - Interface & Content

Xbox 360 version uses a version that is thought to be prior to the 2.40 patch for the PC. Most of these notes also apply to the PS3 version.

  • Relics: Players can equip 6 relics on console versions (maximum 3 versus any single element). Only 3 can be equipped simultaneously on PC version but they are easier to switch between.
  • Hero chest: All items in hero chest can be accessed by all characters. There is no personal stash and shared stash that are seperate like on the PC version.
  • Teleportation: Players can immediately teleport to any active teleportation portal, or to your resurrection shrine from the map. In the PC version (prior to the Ice & Blood expansion), you can only teleport to your active resurrection shrine from the map. The Ice & Blood expansion allows teleporting to active portals from the map, like the console versions.
  • Ice & Blood expansion is not currently available for console, nor is there any plans for it being ported.
  • Christmas island is not in the console version.
  • Bosses that were added in or after patch 2.40 are not present (Ice Lord, Poison Lord, Earth Lord, Christmas island bosses, Ice & Blood Expansion bosses).
  • Unlike the PC version, on the console there aren't quests for the bosses.
  • In multiplayer mode, there is no hardcore mode on consoles and the class quests are present. In the PC versions, the class quests cannot be done in multiplayer mode.

Major differences between Xbox360 and PC versions - Targeting & Combat Arts

  • The targeting system for normal weapon attacks is different and new players may find ranged weapons or spells easier to use than melee weapons. You simply hold a button to execute a weapon attack on this version. Usually, the enemy targeted will be the one nearest you. If you are using a melee weapon and there is no enemy in range, the attack will miss, so it is a good idea to get close enough to the enemy before executing melee attacks. If you are using a ranged weapon the attack will fire and may hit a nearby enemy.
  • If you click a button to use a melee range combat art that requires an enemy target and there is no enemy in range, the character will execute a normal attack.
  • The targeting system for combat arts (CAs) that need to be 'aimed' is different. In the PC version, you just right-click where you want to aim the skill. In the xbox version, you hold down the button used to execute your combat art and move the cursor to the location you want to execute it. Some examples of combat arts that use this targeting system include incendiary shower (high elf) or radiant pillar (seraphim). A quick way to execute the ca right in front of you is to just push the button to cast it and let it go quickly without aiming it.
  • Holding down the button to execute certain CAs of "melee" type (ex: Pelting Strikes or Soul Hammer) will result in the character executing the ca when its regeneration time is finished (if there is a target in range). While the CA is recharging, holding down this button makes the character do normal attacks. As a result, it is not necessary to have a weapon as one of your main 4 button attacks in order to execute normal attacks (the weapon can instead be assigned to an LT+button or RT+button slot. This results in you being able to execute the CA as soon as it is recharged without having to repeatedly click the button and while continuing to pummel enemies in range at the same time! This technique works regardless of whether you have a ranged or melee weapon equipped. A player could use regen per hit equipment so that the connecting melee attacks that follow the CA will recharge the CA even faster, allowing the player to maintain a higher CA level. This technique will also work if you have multiple "melee" type CAs in a combo. Note that this technique does not seem to work with spells, to cast a spell again after the first casting, the button has to be pushed again.
  • The spread of High Elf CAs Blazing Tempest and Glacial Thorns is determined by your distance from the enemy targeted. On PC clicking farther away from the character results in more concentrated thorns and clicking closer to the character results in a wider spread thorns. There is no way to manually control this on xbox, so it is automatically managed by distance from enemy.
  • Combo execution speed is always determined by your Attack Speed (even if the only Combat Art in the combo is a "spell".) See the combo page for details.
  • CAs with bugs: Inquisitor's Paralyzing Dread (causes bonuses on your armor that negatively effect the enemy to effect you while this CA is active), Temple Guardian's Jolting Touch silver (healing) mod - heals the enemy instead of player if this mod is chosen.
  • There is a known graphical bug concerning player buffs while mounted on a character class's unique mount. When mounting on an unique, buff effects, or the graphical presentations of active buffs, will vanish after the end of the first, immediate in/out combat cycle. Although the buff animations will vanish, the combat values, affects, field damage, and party extensions of these buffs will remain active and are visible in the character overview. Please note that there are no graphical bugs in the case of buffs that generate companions (i.e. Zealous Doppelganger, Fire Demon, Nether Allegiance, and Moribund Animus).

Major differences between Xbox360 and PC versions - Items

  • Item quality levels are denoted by stars rather than colors. 0 stars = normal item (white on PC), 1 star = Magic item (blue on pc), 2 star = Rare item (yellow on PC), 3 star = set or unique item (gold or green on PC), 4 star = Legendary item (orange on PC).
  • Potions do not take up space in your inventory but you need to have at least one spot in your inventory to pick up anything (including potions).
  • Trophies that can be used with the Alchemy skill cannot be assigned to a weapon, combat art or potion slot. To use an alchemy trophy, you must open your inventory, and push A on the trophy to use it.
  • Console versions have "fist weapons" (ex: knuckle duster) that show up at very low levels (ex: level 1). These items can be modified by the non-existant "fist weapon lore" skill. It is possible that these weapons were intended to be removed before the games release as they do not exist in the PC version. Fist weapons have not been found at higher levels.

Major differences between Xbox360 and PC versions - Blacksmith & Socketing

  • Jewelry of any level may be socketed into items of any level without changing the level of the item. For example, a level 200 ring may be socketed into a level 2 weapon or piece of armor with a silver slot and a level 2 character will be able to equip this weapon. This was considered a bug in the PC version that was fixed and will make the game much easier than intended. If you want a challenge, it is not recommended to use this method.
  • The Blacksmith skill does not work. It will not let the player smith in the field and will not let the player socket amulets in silver sockets. Thus, it is recommended not to take this skill on any character. The NPC smith will still let you smith items, but the player will not gain any extra benefit from choosing the blacksmith skill.