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Sacred 2 concept artwork by the Ascaron Design Team. These drawings are taken from the secret archives of the developer studio of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. You shall encounter the pictured creatures, landscapes and architectural styles in the game.

Click on any picture to see the full-size version.

Black and White Sketches

Dryad Archer
Dungeon Crypt
Fire Demon

Glass City Lift
High Elf Observatory
High Elf Villa
High Elf Ship

Inquisitor Face
Kobold Hunter
Kobold Officer

Orc Building
Orc Building 2
Orc Face

Orc Tent
Orc Warrior
Orc Warrior Elite
Scorpion King Boss

Skeleton Lich King
Stone Golem
Stone Golem 2

Temple Guardian

Color Concept Art

Dryad Flat
Dungeon Wall
Dungeon Wall 2

Dungeon Wall 3
Fire Demon
High Elf Ship

High Elf Blacksmith
High Elf Citizen
High Elf Citizen 2
High Elf Citizen 3

Jungle Boss Monster
Orc Tent

Orc Warrior
Orc Warrior Elite
Scorpion King Boss
Skeleton Lich King

Stone Golem

Ice and Blood Concept Art

Blood Forest
Bonefields - Abishai Boss
Crystal Planes - Ice Phoenix Boss
Mutant Bear

Mutant Panther
Dragon Mage in the Blood Forest
Dragon Mage Dragon Armor
Dragon Mage Pyx's Armor

Dragon Mage Cloth Armor
Dragon Mage Iron Armor
Dragon Mage Leather Armor
Dragon Mage Magic Armor

Special Armor Dryad
Special Armor High Elf
Special Armor Inquisitor
Special Armor Seraphim

Special Armor Shadow Warrior
Special Armor Temple Guardian
Dragon Mage Concept Front
Dragon Mage Concept Back

Weapons: Bows - Normal
Weapons: Bows - Magical
Weapons: Javelins
Dragon Logo