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Base Attributes

Base starting attributes level 1, silver difficulty, no survival bonus, naked.
Attributes increase by a factor of 10% of the base starting value each level (Seraphim will gain 2.2 strength each level). The bonus to attributes from Survival Bonus is capped at 32.5-33%.
Strength Stamina Vitality Dexterity Intelligence Willpower Hitpoints
Dragon Mage 23 26 24 21 29 27 140
Dryad 22 25 22 30 27 20 135
High Elf 17 25 20 20 35 25 130
Inquisitor 23 25 23 27 27 22 138
Seraphim 22 25 25 26 25 26 143
Shadow Warrior 27 26 28 21 22 26 151
Temple Guardian 27 25 22 24 26 25 135

  • Between level 1-49 One attribute point is gained per level up.
  • Between level 50-149 Two attribute points are gained per level up.
  • Between level 150-200 Three attribute points are gained per level up.

401 points to divide.



Increases Attack Value as well as basic Damage for Strength-Based, Close Combat (melee) weapons. Does not affect Dexterity Based Weapons such as Daggers, Ranged Weapons, Short Swords, Blunt Polearms or Magic Staffs (Intelligence Based Weapons).

Attack Value +XX

Weapon Damage +XX



Decreases the general regeneration time of combat arts, also descreases Regeneration penalty from buffs.

Average Combat Art Regeneration Time XXX.X%



Increases overall hitpoints and increases the regeneration rate of hitpoints.

Hitpoints XXX

Hitpoints Regeneration XX.X/s



Increases Attack Value slightly and Defense Value significantly. Increases Damage dealt by Dexterity Based Weapons such as Short Swords, Daggers, Blunt Polearms and Ranged Weapons.

Attack Value +XXX

Defense Value +XXX

Weapon Damage +XXX



Increases the chance that a spell hits the target with full force. Increases damage dealt by Magic Staffs and Spell Damage Based Combat Arts, increases critical hit chance for Spell Damage Based Combat Arts.

Weapon Damage +XXX

Combat Art Damage +XXX

Spell Intensity +XXX



Increases resistance against Spell Damage Based Combat Arts and Secondary Damage Effects of Spell Damage Based Combat Arts (burn , poison , freeze, weaken).

Spell Resistance +XXX


Any investment to the attributes has a linear diminishing returns: in other words, with the same absolute increase of the parameter, percentage increase with each attachment point is becoming less and less. This fact suggests that the most reasonable to allocate the available points between two or three different attributes, as returns from such investments is 15-20% higher than if we invest all points in one attribute.

The attribute "vitality" (and constitution skill) offers the highest percentage health points increase for the characters with low base attribute "vitality", i.e. Dryad and High Elf.

The formula for the total value of the attribute:

BaseAtt*(M1+M2) + n

where M1 - the percentage bonus, granted by survival bonus, 0% < M1 < 33.3%;

M2 - the percentage bonus, granted by equipment;

n - increasing attribute in points (from equipment or activated shortbuffs or buffs).

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