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Each Character Class has three Aspects with five Combat Arts in each, one of which is usually a Buff.

Combat Arts are the basic game-play units in Fallen Angel and are commonly called CAs by many players. They are the equivalent of skills and spells in other games. There are a number of Combat Arts in Sacred 2, with each character being able to learn all 15 available Combat Arts if they choose to do so. The higher the level of a Combat Art, the stronger the effect. However, this will increase regeneration times, so it's best to balance the levels according to your play style. For attack Combat Arts, you may prefer many small fast hits with a short regeneration rather than one hard hit with a much longer regeneration.

  • Note- Increasing a Combat Art to too high of a level can cause unsatisfactory regeneration times for certain Combat Arts. It is often best to leave some Combat Arts at level 1 until your character is high enough level to support the increased regeneration time gained by using more runes.

Combat Arts are grouped within Aspects. Each character has three aspects to choose from, and they may develop Combat Arts from within one or more aspects. Combat Arts differ in Sacred 2 from the original Sacred in that Combat Arts may be "developed" (or modified) as the game progresses. In this way, for example, an Ancestral Fireball spell could have variations that allow the fireball to be customized and wielded as a succession of blazing rapid fire spheres, or instead as a large, explosive fire-and-forget projectile. For more information, see the Modifications heading for each specific CA.

Combat Arts are increased by right-clicking (also called reading, eating, or consuming) runes, equipping items which increase Combat Arts, or forging runes or Combat Art-boosting jewelry into item slots. A player cannot learn a Combat Art for a different character class, although they may forge their runes into items to gain the secondary effects.

  • Tip- Forging a rune into an item or equipping an item which increases a Combat Art will result in half the regeneration penalty from reading the rune.

Most Combat Arts can be placed in combos to increase their potency.

Energy with regards to normal Combat Arts is how long they take to regenerate, whilst energy with regards to Buff Combat Arts is how much of a penalty they give to normal Combat Arts while active. A "reduction of energy" will reduce the values, so that regeneration on normal Combat Arts are faster and the penalties on Buff Combat Arts aren't as severe.

Combat Art Types

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