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Demon Tooth Trophy

Demon Tooth Trophy is a consumable trophy that requires Alchemy skill to be usable. It can be used by right-clicking on it, or by using a hotkey after dragging it into a potion slot. Alchemy increases it's effect and duration. All sorts of Demons can drop it.

It's duration starts at 20 seconds (skill level 1), and increases with additional skill points in Alchemy or even with skill bonuses (for example at skill level 75 it reaches 38 seconds).

It's effect depends on difficulty and is increased with additional skill points (see below an example at level 75).

Demon tooth trophy.jpg

  • Dropped by: Demon type enemies (Carnach boss is the first demon that you meet btw, and he can also drop it)
  • Effect: Regeneration per hit. Reduces regeneration time of Combat Arts by a flat amount every time a player hits an enemy.
Effect (skill level 1) Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Niobium
Regeneration per hit 1,0s 1,1s 1,2s 1,3s 1,5s
Effect (skill level 75) Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Niobium
Regeneration per hit 1,5s 1,7s 1,9s 2,1s 2,3s