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There are five different levels of difficulty in Sacred 2:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Niobium

Either Bronze or Silver can be chosen at the start of a game. Bronze is an easier mode of play, suitable for beginning players or those wishing a more relaxed game. Silver is more difficult, and is for more experienced players or those wishing more of a challenge.

Single Player

In Single Player, you must finish the Main Campaign in Silver in order to progress to Gold, finish Gold to move to Platinum, and finish Platinum to move to Niobium.


Access to the different levels in Multiplayer is based on your character level:

Min Level Max Level
 Bronze 1 60
 Silver 1 100
 Gold 60 140
 Platinum 100 180
 Niobium 140 200

  • Once your character progresses beyond the maximum level for a difficulty level, you can no longer enter that difficulty level.
  • It is possible for a character to enter a difficulty level before reaching the minimum level. This is accomplished by completing the previous difficulty's campaign. (Ex. A level 54 character finishes the silver difficulty. This character can now move into gold difficulty.)

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