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In Nagash's Nest you can find the below services. See Map Icons:


Wargfels portal is located just north of Nagash's Nest.

Nagash's Nest is a fetid swamp in southern Artamark. One point of interest is the homage to Star Wars - the home of Y'Oldah the Kobold who's image and name resembles a certain funny speaking Jedi master and a pile of lumber that suspiciously looks like a broken X-Wing fighter.

Locate Nagash's Nest on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's

Side Quests


Use the Wargfels portal and head south


Beyond a handful of Orcs and a giant champion level rat named Nagash, there are only a few normal rats in the area. The Orcs and the giant rat spawn as part of the quest Manners maketh Kobold.

Interesting Photos

Y'Oldah's Lair
Star Wars X-Wing Fighter
Orc Shaman's House
Nagash's Nest

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