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Sacred 2 mini FAQ (PC), A compilation of general info and useful links

By Antitrust

A repost of the SIF thread.

Q: Where can I find some general info about characters, skills, Combat Arts, items etc? (I want to find out some things on my own)

A: First of all, read the manual. There's a lot of stuff on Sacred Wiki and Wolfe's Lair. (and this Dictionary is very useful)

Q: Ok I read the first Q/A but I'm too lazy to read the rest. What should I do?

A: Sorry, the answer to that would be removed by moderators.

Q: What difficulty levels are there? Is there any difference? Will I lose my progress in one difficulty if I start another one?

A: They are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Niobium. Higher ones offer more challenge, but also better rewards (also items get better bonuses). Your progress and quests are saved separately for each difficulty, so you can play any of them at leisure.

Q: How do I enter higher difficulties?

A: In Single Player, you just need to finish the main quest on each difficulty to enter the next one (except Bronze which is optional). On closed net you just need to be level 60 to unlock Gold, 100 for Platinum, 140 for Niobium.

Q: Is there a way to respec? (reassign character stats/skills etc)

A: No, and never will be. Here is what people think about it.

Q: Is there a way to pause the game?

A: No. Here and here is what people think about it.

Q: Is there a way to change my character's name?

A: No, you can only give him a name when you create him.

Q: What is Survival Bonus and where can I see it?

A: You can find your SB if you press "F" and hover the mouse above your listed level. SB is increased when you fight without dying, and it increases your stats, chance to find valuables, monster difficulty and probably more. It will be reduced to zero if you die, and will start rising again.

Q: The game is too easy, wth?

A: Here is what people think about it.

Q: I found a game bug, where can I report it?

A: Post it in this forum. First make sure your game is fully patched and activated.

Q: I have a suggestion to make, will anyone listen?

A: Probably. Post it in this forum.

Q: How do I add people to my buddy list?

A: Right click on their character (in the lobby or in-game) and select "add buddy" option). You need to do this for every character, since there is no way to add a friend's account. Here is what people think about it. You can also use the ladder to see what other characters your friend has, so you can add all of them.

Q: Sometimes my character says "Well done player" and I see some words floating above me, and they also appear when I load a game. What do they do?

A: Those are the achievements that you get for accomplishing various goals, such as killing 10.000 monsters etc. They don't do anything at the moment. You can see the known achievements on wiki. The relevant discussions are here and here.

Q: What are the differences between Single Player, Closed Net etc? What is the difference between campaign and free?

A: Some quests are only available in Single player, but bosses can only be killed once. Multiplayer (campaign) is the same as Single Player, except that some quests are not available. Multiplayer (free) allows you to kill any boss multiple times and remake any quest. Some differences between game modes are discussed here and here.

Q: Why can't I use my evil character to play with my friend's good one?

A: The Light and Shadow campaigns make somewhat incompatible characters. Here is what people think about it.

Q: Is Carrier Imp available in Single Player, LAN, Open Net? US servers?

A: No, Carrier Imp is only available on Closed Net, only on europe servers (germany, austria, switzerland, italy, france and UK versions). Here is what people think about it.

Q: Does the Elite texture pack make any difference?

A: Not a difference that will poke you in the eye, but they are quite prettier. You can find more details here and here.

Q: I heard the monsters are auto-leveling with you? Is this like Oblivion/whatever?

A: This is how auto-leveling works in Sacred 2. It's not like Oblivion/whatever.

Q: Where can I find the Wyvern Pass water bottle?

A: You can't.

Q: Are there any maps of Ancaria that I could see?

A: Sacred 2 Interactive Map of Ancaria. And some Wolfe's maps.

Q: What bosses are there and how can I find a certain boss?

A: Here's a Big Bad Boss Index and Map, and here's another nice French map. And some Wolfe's maps.

Q: I can't kill a certain boss, wth? A boss keeps killing me, wth?

A: You're not doing enough damage and don't have a lot of armor/defense. Level a bit, get better items and try again. All bosses are perfectly killable (and so are you). Use appropriate damage types (socket Ice Crystals in your weapons when facing a boss that has no resistance to Ice). You can see what are the strengths and weaknesses of monsters here. You might also find useful the Auro's guide to not getting owned by bosses.

Q: How do I unlock the Dragonmaw Pass gate, for the Through the Wall part of the main quest?

A: Here is a walkthrough for the quest (Light campaign). The gate will always be open in multiplayer "free" mode.

Q: Where do I get my special mount? Can monsters kill my mount? Does the mount attack enemies?

A: You must complete the Unique Mounts quest. The monsters can't kill the mount, but it will die instead of you if your health falls below 5% (thus giving you another chance, but be ready to drink a health potion fast) and you'll have to buy a new one. You can always buy a new mount, as long as you have enough gold. The mounts don't attack enemies, they just modify your animations so it looks like the mount is hitting the enemy. Here is an example.

Q: How do I get to the Christmas Island? Will the island disappear when the real Christmas is over?

A: Here's a detailed walkthrough for the Can Christmas Still be Saved? quest. Nothing indicates that the island will be removed, so you'll be able to complete the quest whenever you like.

Q: How do I get to a certain area? I know there's something in there, but I can't find a way.

A: Some paths are hidden behind thick forests, which you can walk through or around. Some locations are accessible through caves or dungeons. Some of them can only be reached through a quest (very few of them). Explore the map, talk to NPCs...

Q: I met a few NPCs with a question or exclamation mark, but they only tell me to come back later or something silly.

A: They are parts of some quests. You can come back after accepting these quests.

Q: I found a locked door, how do I open it?

A: They are parts of quests or require you to find a key. Explore the map, talk to NPCs...

Q: Is there any reason to explore entire map? Any reason to party with other players?

A: The game encourages exploration and teamplay in many ways. While travelling to distant, difficult-to-get locations you will find better items through various means. Exploring map will increase your chance to find valuables. Also there are benefits to partying and playing together in the same area, instead of being all over the map. You will also see a lot of beautiful scenery, find awesome quests (not everyone wants you to rescue chickens) and easter eggs...

Q: How do I move large distances? Is there a teleport or "town portal" in this game?

A: You can use the Portals placed in strategic locations on the map. Portals in cities are automatically activated when you discover the city, others need to be activated manually. You can also activate a Resurrection Monolith (they are the shimmering blue obelisks), which will enable you to teleport there from any Portal. There is also Sea Voyage available which allows you to travel to any shore location marked by a ship, you need to talk to captains (they have a steering wheel above their head) to activate them. There are also boats which are just small teleporters that usually send you to a nearby island (they are marked on the map as arrows pointing down into a circle). You can press F12 to be teleported to the activated Resurrection Monolith (in Single Player) or to the Start Island Portal (in Multiplayer). Check out Wolfe's map icons.

Q: Nobody asked you about the water bottle.

A: Nope, and they never will, thanks to this FAQ. Useful, huh? 1smile.gif

Q: What does Armor, Defense, Spell Resistance/Intensity, Evade, Reflect do?

A: Basically, Armor absorbs incoming damage, Defense and Evade lowers the enemy's chance to hit you, Spell Resistance makes you sustain less damage from spells, Spell Intensity counters the enemy's Spell Resistance and makes him take more damage from spells, Reflect makes enemies damage themselves while you don't take damage.

Here's what Raimund_Lingen had to say about it, here's what iiinge had to say about evade, here and here some info on Spell Intensity/Resistance, here and here are some opinions of r00ster.

Q: Should I read all Combat Arts that I find? Or should I only read one?

A: Here's an excellent post that explains balancing damage/regeneration.

Q: What are the Combat Art Modifications?

A: They are Combat Art Modifications.

Q: I'm new to Sacred, what character should I make and which skills should I take?

A: Shadow Warrior and Seraphim are rather beginner-friendly, Dryad and Templar Guardian are for more advanced players. You can see how people build their characters in these build sections of this forum, the Dark Matters forum, Darting Assault forum and maybe others.

Q: At which levels do I get new skills?

A: You can press the "?" in the skill window while playing, it will display some information. Alternatively you can visit the Skills on wiki.

Q: Is Bargaining worth the investment? Especially since you can't shop for set or unique items?

A: See for yourself here.

Q: What does Divine Devotion do?

A: Here is some speculation about it.

Q: If I choose Dual Wield, do I benefit from Sword/Hafted Weapons skill?

A: Dual Wield bonuses are used when you hold two weapons in the same slot, Sword Weapons bonuses are used when you hold one sword in a slot, Hafted Weapons bonuses are used when you hold one hafted weapon in a slot etc. Sword/Hafted Weapons however, can unlock item bonuses (bonuses that you find on certain items). This type of bonuses cannot be unlocked by Dual Wield. These bonuses stack with whatever bonus you have from Dual Wield, strength etc. You can recognize this type of bonus when the item has the "Modifier: Sword Weapons" description under it's name. This type of bonus increases when you put more points in the Sword/Hafted skill. It is up to you to decide whether it's worth to sacrifice a skill slot for it, which could be used for another skill instead.

Q: I am level 10-20-30-40 and think I have wasted a skill. Should I restart the character?

A: Not necessarily. It's not easy to make a useless build in Sacred 2, you need to try rather hard to accomplish that. You might still be able to make it work. Don't forget the principle of rpg games: sometimes the most interesting characters are the most flawed ones. Many people prefer to play with weird builds any time. Still, if you are thinking about restarting, you should do it sooner than later. It takes about an hour or two to get around level 10. It takes a few hours to get around level 20. Some people level faster than others, though.

Q: What if I really want to find the water bottle?

A: Go to the Water Bottle Valley, they probably have some. It might be released in expansion.

Q: What do item colours mean?

A: Here is a comparison screenshot of them.

Grey- Junk

White- Common

Blue- Magic

Yellow- Rare

Gold- Unique

Green- Set item

Orange- Legendary/Epic

Q: What are the squares that I see on some items?

A: They are slots in which you can socket various items. See here for details on forging.

Q: What bonuses do I get if I socket Combat Arts in weapons/armor?

A: Secondary Rune Effects. In addition, they are sorted by bonus type here.

Q: I have a weapon with a Magic Pearl socketed in it, but when I equip an item with bonus to magic damage, I don't get any increase.

A: Damage bonuses are explained (to some extent) here.

Q: Where can I see what various armors look like?

A: Here is a german thread with all characters and their armors. Here are some Seraphim pictures. Here are some set armors on the wiki.

Q: Why don't I get more gold when I equip items with "Sell Price +%"?

A: Because it only increases the price of the item it exists on, it doesn't affect other items.

Q: How can I transfer gold to another character? I can do it with items via the shared stash.

A: You can't. You could buy some items, put them in shared stash and sell them with the other character. In multiplayer, you can give the gold to another player, who will then pass it to your other character. Here is what people think about it.

Q: I found a few items that say "Leather Hat Trophy - right click to use", but when I right click nothing happens.

A: These items are trophies, that usually require you to have Alchemy skill to be consumed (some need Warding Energy Lore). They give you huge bonuses. Here is what people think about it.

Q: How does Chance to find Valuables or magic find work?

A: Raimund_Lingen had this to say about the matter. And this.

Q: I heard there are free unlockable items? Are there any cheats?

A: The unlockable items are discussed here. There are no cheats.

Q: Where is the best area to farm items?

A: Meridiac made some suggestions here. Some tips from DrIstvaan. And some info from Raimund_Lingen.

Q: Where is the best area to level?

A: Here are some suggestions.

Q: How exactly the Combat Art regeneration penalty/bonus works? I mean one armor has a -%, some has +%, which one decreases the regeneration time?

A: Knuckles explained it here.

Q: What does the item mod "Enraged Players damage +%" do? What about "Opponent's level for Deathbllow"? And "Regeneration per hit -%"?

A: Some info about modifiers can be found on wiki. Enraged mod is somewhat explained here and here. Here are some tips on Deathblow. Some info about "Regeneration per hit" can be found here.

Q: What is "Damage Mitigation" found on items?

A: The usual term is "Damage Reduction". It reduces incoming damage by a percentage.

Q: I found an item that increases a skill that I don't have. Do I still get the skill bonus?

A: No, you must already have a skill to benefit from it. If you don't have the skill, the bonus will be displayed in red.

Q: What does the "Will be released in X seconds" mean when I see it on items?

A: "Will be released" means that only you can pick it up in a multiplayer game. When it's released after 60 seconds, anyone can pick it up. After 60 more seconds it will be destroyed.

Q: Is there a fast way to sell items?

A: Press Ctrl + click, it will sell directly. Note that you don't need a merchant to dispose of junk, you can sell items to yourself, but you will get less gold that way. Unique, set and legendary/epic items will still ask for confirmation so you won't accidentally sell them.

Q: I found items like Parchment, Leaf and Item. What do they do?

A: Absolutely nothing. They sell for some gold though.

Q: I found the water bottle!! w00t!!

A: What?! OMG where??

Q: What does the monster bar show, is that damage or armor or what?

A: Such as the one in this thread? The lower bar shows armor, and is very accurate. The upper bar shows damage, and is very inaccurate (sometimes you need to look at "Last Opponent" window to see what damage the monster is doing).

Q: Can I prevent the "Q" button from picking crappy items?

A: Yes. Gameplay options allow you to set the quality of items that you auto-pick. There is a separate setting for misc items.

Q: What are the circles in lower left corner of the screen?

A: They are slots for relics. Here is a nice post about relics. Also check out the Wolfe's PC User Interface.

Q: What are the circles in lower right corner of the screen?

A: These are "buff" slots. You can put Combat Arts that are called Buffs in them. You can then click on them to activate them and receive their bonuses (and penalties). Check out the Wolfe's PC User Interface.

Q: Can I set the camera to different angles?

A: You can choose "Free Camera" in Gameplay options. Additionally, you can edit your customoptions.txt file for more control. Here is some detailed info.

Q: I can barely see anything on my minimap, it's too small. What can I do?

A: The minimap has it's own options menu, right next to it. You can increase it's size, transparency etc. You can even make it stop rotating.

Q: Is it just me, or is this thread full of rickroll links?

A: There are no rickroll links here as far as I know. Except maybe for this one.

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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