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[[Sacred 2:T-Energy Modules|T-Energy Modules]] ([[Sacred 2:Source Warden|Source Warden]])
[[Sacred 2:T-Energy Modules|T-Energy Modules]] ([[Sacred 2:Source Warden|Source Warden]])
[[Sacred 2:Technical Modules|Technical Modules]] ([[Sacred 2:Devout Guardian|Devout Guardian]])
[[Sacred 2:Technical Modules|Technical Modules]] ([[Sacred 2:Lost Fusion|Lost Fusion]])

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Set items, piece by piece may seem trivial in what they offer, but when combined for the bonuses, you can pick out by seeing what they offer, how to actually put a good build together. When you see all the set items together and analyze the relationships they have between the individual pieces, you can see what skills and Combat Art choices best complement the sets benefits, and can gain significant advantages. One of the benefits of set items is their predictability. They will drop again and again, and you can count upon their bonuses to increase in value with level. This makes for good early-level strategies on how to create your build, especially when the sets are there to be studied.

Sacred 2 currently offers 3 sets per class, with each set giving benefits to a particular aspect.

Dryad Set Items

Daerwain's Revenge

Detheya's Agility

Leaves and Twigs

High Elf Set Items

Adornments of the Ancestors

Celdrahil's pandemonium

Faladal's Blizzard

Inquisitor Set Items

Deylen's Power (Astute Supremacy)

Ilgard's Judgment (Gruesome Inquisition)

Saraki's Path to the Netherworld (Nefarious Netherworld)

Seraphim Set Items

Endijian's Artifacts (Revered Technology)

Niokaste's Blade Dance (Exalted Warrior)

Revelation of the Seraphim (Celestial Magic)

Shadow Warrior Set Items

Lucreti's Stars (Astral Lord)

Armatin's Legacy- (Death Warrior)

Denderan's Tactical Genius - (Malevolent Champion)

Temple Guardian Set Items

Combat Modules CC10 (Devout Guardian)

T-Energy Modules (Source Warden)

Technical Modules (Lost Fusion)