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In Sulinar you can find the below services. See Map Icons:



Sulinar is located on a plateau in east central Bengaresh Desert. There are two ways to get into the main fortress. There is a small portal via a cave situated at the bottom of the plateau on the eastern side. The player can also walk into the town through the main gate on the north western side by following the plateau around and up.

Not much is known about Sulinar as the town folk have all left and only Du'rach's now roam the streets and the ruins below on the east side. Those ruins expand all the way to the cliffs that border Bengaresh.

Locate Sulinar on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's

Main Quest

  • Throne of Conflict chapter 7 of the Light Campain brings the player to a temple on the eastern edge of these ruins. The temple entrance is along the cliffs that border Bengaresh.


Use either the Khorum portal and head southeast around the bottom of the chasm near Dar AlBadja and then north to Sulinar, or use the El-Darrag portal and head east thru the chasm passage and then south to reach the town.


Most common foes are Du'rach Alnars and Du'rach Scarins

Interesting Photos

Camp East of Sulinar
Ruins Outside of Town
Cave Entrance to Plateau
Town View #1
Town View #2
Town View #3