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Increases resistance against magic spells and additional damage effects (burn , poison , freeze , weaken).

Each point of Willpower adds one point to a character's base Spell Resistance

Other ways to increase spell resistance include the use of:

How it works

Spell Resistance is both a stat and a skill. The stat is based on the characters Willpower stat (so if a player has a willpower of 200, they will have a base Spell Resistance of 200 before any other mods are factored in), and it can be increased by a number of means (the +% Spell Resistance mod on items, either native on the item, or forged into items). Spell Resistance is used in a calculation with Spell Intensity (the defender's Spell Resistance v the attacker's Spell Intensity), if the defender "wins" or "succeeds" on this calculation, the attacker's spell's damage is reduced by a % (possibly 30%), if the attacker "wins", their spell damage is not reduced at this point (though it will still be reduced by any resistance or elemental mitigation).

Willpower attribute (not Spell Resistance!) also affects Secondary Damage Effects, caused by Spell Damage Based CAs.

Willpower 200.png

This diagram shows, how the strength of Secondary Damage Effects decreases with each new attribute point, invested in willpower. The graph depends on character level. Its curve is always the same, but the scales on the axis differ.

The beginning of the graph (when willpower does not affect DMEs, equal to 100% strength of DMEs) depends on character level, according to the following formula:

25 + (2.5 * CharLvl)
The graph begins from 28 willpower for 1st charlvl, 150 willpower for 50th charlvl, 275 willpower for 100th charlvl, 400 willpower for 150th charlvl, 525 willpower for 200th charlvl.

1st level character

Will 1.png

50th level character

Will 50.png

100th level character

Will 100.png

150th level character

Will 150.png

200th level character

Will 200.png


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