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Technical Data

Class: All classes

Set name: Ettol'Rahc-Notwen's Breeze

Set item names:

Number of pieces: 4

Available sockets: 3 (Note: to gain the full set bonus, the three sockets in the bow must be used to socket the 3 rings.)

Occupied equipment slots: Weapon slot, 3 ring slots

Major resistances: none

Minor resistances: none

Bonus to Combat Arts

To all combat arts

Bonus to skills

Bonus to attributes

Dexterity (as set bonus)

Item modifiers

Chance for open wounds

Banish undead

Chance to land a critical hit


Wounds increase damage delt

Experience gained from monsters +X%

To all combat arts

Shock opponent

About the set

Ettol'Rahc-Notwen's is very special bow set which can be used by all classes able to use a bow, (all but the Dwarf.) To get the full set bonus, you need to be able to select the Ranged Combat skill, so only the Gladiator, Wood Elf, Seraphim and Vampiress can take full advantage. What makes this set so special is the last set bonus that reduces opponents' physical resistance. To achieve this, all three rings must be socketed into the bow. Because of this requirement, you cannot "oversocket" the Ranged Combat requirement. Even though the Ettol is a bow, it can be used in melee combat (by the Vampiress). The Vampiress can use it in melee combat by turning into a vampire while it is equipped, this way gaining all the benefits of the set. Since the full set bonus applies to all physical damage, not just that done by the arrows, any character can use it to lower physical resistances and use any spell which deals physical damage more efficiently. The Wood Elf Call of the Ancestors immediately comes to mind.

The set bonuses by difficulty level

Items needed Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Niobium
Dexterity 2 +6 +8 +10 +12 +14
Physical 3 +15 +20 +25 +30 +35
WIDD 4 +20% +26% +33% +40% +46%
Reduce Enemy Physical Res 4 socketed 40% 53% 66% 80% 93%

WIDD - Wounds Increase Damage Dealt

Partial bonuses of the set

1 2 3 4
Dexterity X X X
+ Physical X X
Wounds increase damage dealt X
-X% enemy physical resistance X

Special bonus

Reduces opponents physical resistance

Recommended pieces