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The X-MAS set in Sacred Underworld is a fun little gift from Ascaron that you can find only around the time of Christmas. The way in which you can find these special X-MAS items is quite unique because they are simply laying on the ground throughout Ancaria. The X-MAS items are character class specific. There are 3 X-MAS items to complete an X-MAS set for the Character classes Battle Mage, Dark Elf, Gladiator, Vampiress and Wood Elf. The 3 items are a Santa hat, a wreath like shield and a sword of sticks. For the Seraphim there are 5 X-MAS items. A Santa hat, a wreath like shield, a sword of sticks, a Santa bra and a Santa skirt. For the Deamon and Dwarf it appears they have been very naughty and so there are no X-MAS items for them.

Getting them quick!

Ok, so there's been a bit of a hustle to find all the wonderful X-MAS items possible and because of this a quick and easy trick has been devised to help those in need. Below you will find a video example of how quick and easy it can be to pile up those X-MAS items. The video will show that in order to spawn an X-MAS item on the Haven Island you will need to cross an invisible line or point of sorts. In this video the character walks towards the Haven Island portal to the Dwarven Ruins. About half way towards the portal you will notice that the game will lag briefly and then snap back into sync which indicates that an invisible line the character crossed is a trigger to spawn an X-MAS item at this point you should run back up and see if any appeared.

So hurry hurry and get them while they're... Cold!


X-Mas Shield and Weapon bug

As wonderful as these X-MAS items can be there is sadly a bug to do with them... The Weapon and shield for this set is bugged so that any and all X-MAS swords and shields will turn into items that are for the Gladiator only thus making it impossible for any character class to wear a complete set except for the Gladiator.

X-Mas Shield and Weapon bug Workaround

There is a slight chance of getting around the above mentioned bug but it won't be easy and probably not really worth it but... Refering again to the above video you will see that the Battle Mage was able to wear the X-MAS shield for a brief period of time. In order for this to be done your characters inventory must be open so that when you pick up an X-MAS sword or shield you can drop it straight into your weapon slot. At that point you will have up to about 5 seconds before the game takes it away from you. What will happen is that an X-MAS sword or shield placed into your weapon slot will be forced out and onto the ground by the game and in the process will be turned into a Gladiator item. Within these 5 seconds you must act fast and export your character as is done in the video. If you accomplish that then create a single player game using that character you exported and the X-MAS sword or shield will remain as is.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Quick Facts

  • This year, 2008, it is confirmed that from December 20th to the ... X-MAS could be found.
  • This year, 2007, it is confirmed that from December 22nd to the 26th X-MAS could be found.
  • The X-MAS items always appear as minimum lvl 1 no matter what server difficulty you are in.
  • Has only been found on Closed Internet Multi-Player servers
  • The Gladiators XMAS sword will drop from Skull Ripper's that can be found in Embalmed Forest when using Disarming or Enemies die on sight against them.


  • Trigger is the log on the ground at the red line drawn.
  • Must step on the log as you pass over the line.
  • Character's FOOT must touch the log or maybe both feet.
  • Spawn locations can be occluded by Refus or other items on Haven, and thus no XMAS item is spawned even though the brief pause/lag occurs.
  • There is a chance that changing the date on your pc to Christmas time may also allow you to find these items at any "real" time of the year. Yet to be confirmed...