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These are all the side quests in the Underworld regions of the game and the towns are listed in alphabetical order... all can be done in SP and most in MP.  All the quests are listed by the location that you start them in.

Symbol Key
E escort quests *
SP single player only quests
{#} how many quests in that region

* There are a few quests that I did not mark that require you to escort someone but they are short walks with little or NO monsters between so you should have no problems.

Darkwood  {2}
Dryad Forest / Esotopia  {4}
Dwarven Ruins {6}
Embalmed Forest / Garema {8}
Fungi Hillock {11}
Gathol-Fortress of Tears {1}
Hatchet Crab Island {1}
Hell's Ridge / Shaddar-Sub {1}
N'Aguali {5}
Pirate Island {8}
Purgatori {8}
Valley of Tears {4}