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Dragon Mage Aspects

DM_Asp_01.gif Dragon Magic

DM_Asp_02.gif Elemental Magic

DM_Asp_03.gif Mentalism

Dryad Aspects

DRY_Asp_01.png Capricious Hunter
Ranged combat comes easily to the Dryad, and her prowess with these weapons is frightening. She is second to none when stealthily attacking from a distance, and can inflict great damage before being seen.

DRY_Asp_02.png Cabalistic Voodoo
Displaying the darker side of the Dryad, this powerful magic slowly removes the life force from her enemies. She can also summon the ethereal ghosts of her defeated foes to fight by her side.

DRY_Asp_03.png Nature Weaver
Nature is one of the strongest forces of battle, and a Dryad in tune with her surroundings is indeed formidable. Using the ancient forces of the world, she subdues her opponents and protects herself.

High Elf Aspects

HE_Asp_01.png Arrant Pyromancer
Choosing this aspect will render the Adept as the classic mage, fully devoted to the element of fire. The very nature of these studies is a burning aggression, leading to a predominantly offensive style. Executing the art of fire magic allows for a wide flexibility in which the spells can easily be individually adapted.

HE_Asp_02.png Mystic Stormite
This art of magic is the opposite of fire magic. It is much more defensive, although even a storm magician is able to weave some powerful attack spells.

HE_Asp_03.png Delphic Arcania
This aspect comprises many powerful and effective spells. A High Elf proficient in the study of the Arcane Illusionist wields magic that will assist and protect, equipping the mage for confrontations in melee combat.

Inquisitor Aspects

INQ_Asp_01.png Gruesome Inquisition
The Inquisitor uses his privileges and an extremely high degree of sadism as only these former clergymen do. He disposes of his opponents by various cruel means such as shackling them to a pillory or even executing them.

INQ_Asp_02.png Astute Supremacy
The Inquisitor becomes almost invincible. He can take on hordes of enemies, hurling powerful streaks of lightning towards them, or he can steal their souls and use them to his advantage. No one is able to withstand them!
INQ_Asp_03.png Nefarious Netherworld
The darkest among the Inquisitors excel in the dark arts. They feed on souls and they desecrate corpses in order to enhance their own powers. They can even frighten their opponents literally to death.

Seraphim Aspects

Sera_Asp_01.png Exalted Warrior
The Seraphim is a graceful expert of close combat. She is not as physically strong as the Shadow Warrior, but she compensates for this with nimble weapon techniques. The Seraphim is able to perform many smooth, tactical moves in order to keep her enemies at bay.

Sera_Asp_02.png Celestial Magic
Becoming learned in this aspect teaches the Seraphim the weaving of illumination and prayer. She fights using divine light and fire, just as an archangel might.

Sera_Asp_03.png Revered Technology
This aspect enables the Seraphim to use technological advancements to aid her in battle. She is able to gain several powerful abilities for use during combat.

Shadow Warrior Aspects

SW_Asp_01.png Death Warrior
In this aspect, the Shadow Warrior fights solely as a behemoth of a fighter and does not weave any kind of magic. His main characteristics are pure strength and stamina. He will bellow a mighty battle cry every time he lashes out at an enemy with one of his powerful combat arts.

SW_Asp_02.png Malevolent Champion
The Shadow Warrior of this aspect is a skilled, agile and battle-hardened warrior, disregarding magic use in favor of physical attacks.

SW_Asp_03.png Astral Lord
The warrior who becomes an Astral Lord commands the spirits of the damned, summoning them forth and overseeing the battle from his ranged vantage point. To lead the charge into close combat, the Shadow Warrior must also follow either of the Death Warrior or Malevolent Champion aspects.

Temple Guardian Aspects

TG_Asp_01.png Devout Guardian
The Temple Guardian is a cyborg and as such, a deadly, efficient and unemotional war machine. Once, he had been created to protect the Great Machine; now, he is able to inflict severe physical damage to his opponents by using T-Energy purposefully. He boasts features that no other character possesses.

TG_Asp_02.png Lost Fusion
One arm of the Temple Guardian is purely mechanical, which allows him to exchange it and enhance it with T-Energy, to make it an even deadlier weapon against opponents.

TG_Asp_03.png Source Warden
T-Energy grants the Temple Guardian special abilities in order to weaken or transform his opponents. He is able to surround himself with an energy field and he can use extensive heat or cold to weaken his opponents.