Sacred 2:Llama8's Infamous Electric Poo

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Llama8 is a rather well known personality in various Sacred, Sacred Underworld and Sacred 2 circles and is a moderator at the Sacred International Forums. He has a namesake character in Sacred Underworld - in the Cave of Heroes.

Llama8 has been known to tease people about a quest that does not seem to exist. It is the quest of the Electric Poo. The object of this quest does exist in Sacred 2. It is in the Whisperwood area, near the spider cave at the end of the Ephraim's Nightmare chain quest.

Closeup view of pile:

It is still unknown as to what left this. The werewolves and spiders weren't exact cooperative in the matter and there weren't any signs of T-Energy mutated bears in the area.

Warning: Said pile has been known to throw off electrical bolts that can (and will) damage you. Approach with extreme caution!

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