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Characters in Sacred are capable of carrying weapons and shields, wearing various pieces of armor and also can wear certain jewelry – amulets and rings. These items can range from very ordinary to quite extraordinary, bestowing significant benefits to the wearer.

Items may be acquired by either finding them on the ground (or in chests, barrels, etc.) or by purchasing them, using Gold. Similarly, Gold can be acquired by finding it, or by selling items to NPC's.

Corresponding to increases in character abilities, as you progress through different game difficulties (Bronze through Niobium), items and their item modifiers also provide enhanced qualities as well.

Items can be stashed in the player's Hero Chest

The list below is a partial itemization of certain items of interest

(See Also Item Modifiers)

Item Levels

Just like characters, items receive their own "levels". Higher level items have the ability to spawn with more powerful stats than their lower level versions (but they don't always do). Item level is equal to the level of the monster that dropped it (though set items usually have predetermined levels). Shopping generates item levels starting from character level, and up to a certain limit that depends on character level (up to item level 220, for a level 200 character).

Characters can't use items that have too high level. The usable item level depends on the level of the character. A level 40 character for example, can't equip items that have level 53 or more.


Using high level items will result in speed penalties. Weapons/shields lower attack speed, while armors lower run speed. To negate these penalties, a character must have the respective "Lore" skills:

Note that these skills will not allow a character to equip items that are higher than usable level (see the above table). The "Item Level Without Penalty" granted by these skills will always be lower than the maximum usable item level, regardless of skill level.