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In Brigand Camp 2 (Tyr Lysia) you can find the below services. See Map Icons:


The North Brigand Camp in Tyr Lysia is a small camp hidden in the middle of a forest where a brigand band lives. They have built up this place far enough from the cities and towns of the region, avoiding this way being annoyed too much by the High Elf soldiers.

This place is where Cold Charley and his band plan an start their attacks on the nearby villages and towns, and return back to organize themselves again.

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The fastest way to go to the North Brigand Camp is walking north from Twainbrook, which can be reached using the monolith or by walking north from Sloeford.


Inside there will be 15 brigands if the Leader of the Pack quest is started. When the brigands are killed Cold Charley will spawn there.

Outside the camp, in the nearby woods, lots of Kobolds and Kobold Warriors can be found. Even few Brown Bears wander these woods.

Interesting Photos

The camp entrance
Some tents
More tents
Two fireplaces in front of a tent


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