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Sacred is rife with easter eggs, media references and many other instances of humor that have helped build the loyalty base the game has commanded for years. One of the touches that Ascaron added was the inclusion of what has come to be called a Silly Message.


The silly message is a line of text that appears when the game is loading and which changes to display one of a number of random messages that the game designers have chosen. Silly messages have so far referred to such things as quotes from movies, TV shows, and some others which are thought up to be unique messages. The Silly Messages were released in two batches, pre-plus and after plus. The messages before plus were decidedly more racy and had even, in some cases, incited reaction from players during the game's early time just after it's release, when Sacred was still undergoing a number of changes and massive patches. Silly messages afer plus, were less edgy and, perhaps sadly, tamer. The entire list of Silly Messages is currently unknown.

1- 1.21 Gigawatts?, Great Scott! (Back to the Future: Movie)

2- Are you the Blue Fairy? (Under debate)

3- Bending's my middle name (Futurama, TV Cartoon)

4- Bite my shiny metal ass (Futurama: TV Cartoon)

5- By grabthar's hammer!(Galaxy Quest: Movie)

6- Carol Anne, do not go into the light! (Poltergeist: Movie)

7- Checking user I.Q.

8- D'Oh! (Simpsons: TV Show)

9- Do you feel lucky, punk?(Dirty Harry: Movie)

10- Don't panic! (The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy: Movie)

11- Downloading ringtones

12- Don't call me junior (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Movie)

13- Do Not Feed After Midnight! (Gremlins : Movie )

14- E.t. Phone Home (E.T. : Movie)

15- Fascinating! (Star Trek: original TV series)

16- Funny Message are back!

17- Fry, we have a crate to deliver! (Futurama: TV Show)

18- Funny messages reloaded! (The Matrix Reloaded: Movie {?})

19- GET A LIFE! Stop playing computer games!

20- Goonies never say die! (Goonies: Movie)

21- Ha! I'm the Great Cornholio (Beavis and Butt-Head: Movie)

22- He's dead, Jim! (Star Trek: Original TV Series)

23- Hello McFly? Anybody home? (Back to the future: Movie)

24- Huh, huh? He said loading...

25- I'm a doctor, not a programmer! (Star Trek : Original series)

26- I don't think so Tim (Home Improvement: TV Show)

27- I'm not fat, I'M BIG-BONED! (South Park: TV Show/ Obelix from Asterix and Obelix {?})

28- If you cannot read this, you need a bigger screen!

29- If you can read this you are too close! (Upright Citizens Brigade: TV Show)

30- Listening to your MP3's..nice!

31- More confusing information/

32- Mr. Neary, what do you want? (Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Movie)

33- Nobody calls me chicken/ (Back to the future 1, II and III)

34- My brain is falling out. ("Artificial Intelligence: AI": Movie)

35- Out of chocolate...please refill!

36- Oh my god! They killed Kenny! (South Park: Tv Series)

37- Pizza for I. C. Weiner . . . (Futurama : Tv Series)

38- Reading some spam e-mail

39- Ready

40- Recruiting Monsters...

41- Return of the funny messages!

42- Rostiger Roehrenpilz!

43- Scanning for love-letters.

44- Screw you guys, I'm going home! (South Park: TV Show)

45- Selling items on Ebay...

46- Stop exploding, you cowards! (Futuruma: TV Show)

47- The Tuck Pendleton Machine: Zero Defects (Inner Space: Movie)

48- These go to eleven. (Spinal Tap: Movie)

49- This line is empty.

50- You built a time machine... out of a DeLorean (Back to The Future: Movie)

51- Wasting some time...

52- X never, ever, marks the spot ( Indiana jones and the Last Crusade : Movie )