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Published at DarkMatters for review and discussion

Sacred Underworld Single Player (SP) Starting Guide

My Qualifications: Absolutely none. A Senior Gheezer. At age 58 my son introduced me to computers and Diablo 1. "They did not have these neat toys when I was a kid". Still play Diablo LOD 1.11 HC and Morrowind. Nothing wrong with MP or HC, just love playing SP more. I am among a rising minority of retired seniors over 60. Beware we are now 21% of the known players.

This post is a compilation of ideas to give the newer Single Player a much better starting character. Most games on the market are made in mind for MP play. These ideas will help make up for the MP advantage of starting on MP Island and having the ground littered with equipment, weapons, runes, etc. free for picking up. Some have called this method cheating. I say it is not. This is SP and the only one I have to please is me.

1. All characters start in Silver, or move up to Silver by level 6-10. Move them up at your discretion. I usually start all Melee characters in Silver.

2. "1st Rule: Talk to absolutely no one". Doing so will stop you from getting runes from the chest. The Bellevue Merchant is the only one you talk to. Rule number 2, refere to Rule 1.

3. The idea is to accumulate 24 runes, A good full set or armor, a couple of good weapons, and at least $50,000 in gold before starting the main game at level 6.

4. Using Wood Elf (WE) for an example. Create your WE. Now move over by the gully and notice the red circle beneath your feet. The red circle means your Survival Bonus (SB) is working and you are considered to be in combat. Many names for SB. I call it your (Luck Factor). "Check Forum Search Function for a full description of SB. Also those who want to mule: Check the search function, I do not use muleing, as it is to complicated for this senior member. Now: Leaver your computer. Go grab a beer and make a sandwich. Leave your WE in combat for at least 20 minutes. When you start again your SB will be 14-20%. Characters other than WE: Go inside any building that has an enemy outside and trigger your SB. Also you may click on any signpost and the enemy can hit & not hurt you. "Caution: Any NPC, Wilbur, Unicorn, Wolf etc. will destroy the enemy and ruin this effect."

5. Now click on the chest behind you. (DO NOT click on the Dark Elf) From the chest you will receive one rune and 1 pair of gloves. At this point talking to anyone may shut of your supply of runes, and you will start getting bells, harps or icons instead.

6. Time to start accumulating. Hit esc. Select export. Click on one of the 7 character spaces you want to export to. Click export. Click back. Click esc. again. Click Quit game. Start a new game. Click import. Click on your character. Click import. Continue this method untill you have accumulated 24 runes. NOTE: A little trick to this: When importing your character start it in Silver each time. This & your SB really improves your drops from the chest. Example: Sometime during this process for the WE, usually get this pair of gloves. MIGHTY GAUNTLETS: Level 3 - Protection 5 - Dexterity +1 - +20% to Attack - Attack Speed +15 - "RSM +30%. NOTE: "You are now free to talk to everyone when you have your 24 runes."

7. Any other character other than the WE will require at least one trip to a merchant to to empty and sell inventory. Buy a bow - X-Bow - or gun depending on your character to trigger the long range SB red circle.

8. You are now ready to start playing. In and around Bellevue kill everything, opening every chest and keg, completing every Quest, especially the Blacksmith Quest to be able socket equipment and weapons. Continue this method and Import and Export until you reach level 6, selling everything. Continue with the Main Quest or Export-Import to move up to Silver Level.

9. If your are a WE or Dwarf you have to wait until you reach Silver Creek and do the Combo Master Quest to swap your runes.

10. Any other character that jump-fly or move by line of sight can drop into MP Island South of Bellevue and utilize the Merchant, Blacksmith and Combo Master as soon as you receive the proper rune to do this.

11. "Save Character Now". You are now a fully capable warrior and upon reaching level 8 can rapidly level up.

12. All ideas in this guide are taken from this forum. To each individual who contributed each idea "I Salute You". No slight is meant by not naming you.

13. Veteran players: Please feel free to make any corrections needed or PM me and well meet for a brew and celebrate the great game of Sacred.

14. Please: No flames, as I am a very sensitive and caring master killer.