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Chance to Stun Opponents is an Item modifier that increases the player's chance to cause the Stun effect on opponents. Stun is animated by colored stars circling around the stunned creature's head.

It is a constant value defined by DurationStun parameter in balance.txt (default value is 300 which is equal to 3 seconds in game).


Stun duration can not be decreased by any modifiers. Spell Resistance does not affect negative effects like Stun (as it is not considered a detrimental magic effect).

Stun can be blocked\reflected by special modifiers on CAs/equipment.

Successfully blocking or reflecting a close combat attack/ranged combat attack/combat art negates effects like stun, that could have been caused by this attack.

Target becomes fully immune to stun after stun effect for duration of 4.5 seconds ("DurationStunImmunity = 450" string in balance.txt), AI target also becomes confused and not draws attention to the character for the period of about 6 seconds after been stunned.

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