Sacred 2:Dazzle

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Divine lightning blinds all those who are near. Dazed by its glistening light, they are briefly unable to move. The effect is even more severe against some powers of evil. They will combust instantly and burn in the cleansing light of Lumen!

In-game Description:
Lumen, God of Light, hurls powerful streaks of lightning towards his opponents. Blinded, the opponents freeze in their tracks for a brief period and afterwards, their movement rate is decreased. Undead creatures and T-Energy mutations will burn in this cleansing light.

Effect Description:
Deals 1 hit of magic based damage to surrounding enemies.

Starting Values:

  • Regeneration Time = 900 seconds (15 minutes)
  • Damage (Magic) = 57-57
  • Fire Damage vs. T-Energy Mutations + 31
  • Magic Damage vs. Undead + 31