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In Great Machine you can find the below services. See Map Icons:



As you progressed through the different Ancarian regions you were sure to see T-Energy pipes, motors, generators and other mechanical devices scattered about, many of them leaking, mutating anything it touched. If you ever wondered where it originated or how it's been powered for so long, a trip inside the Great Machine will satisfy your curiosity. The Great Machine was built before the Great Wars and largely responsible for it. While the world hovering on the brink of annihilation,the Great Machine kept running, forgotten by men and Elves until now

Your task is to fight through all the Temple Guardians and other creatures protecting the complex, enter the Heart of the Machine, defeat the Nameless Guardians and finally shut down the machine for good.

Locate Great Machine on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's


Closest portal and monolith are at the Windswept Fortress, head north form the fortress though the cave and winding path to eventually reach the Great Machine.


Inside the Great Machine complex you'll encounter Temple Guardians, Scarabs and Mutated Scarabs, Dracolins,and a few Saxenors and Ursarons.

Inside the Heart of the Machine you'll fight the The Nameless Guardians Bosses

Into the Machine

Machine 'Great Room'

Great Machine

Heart of the Machine