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Sacred 2 Fallen Angel has over 600 quests ready to be played. These quests are organised in four different categories depending on who and how may them be played.

Click in the category title in this list to see the proper quest listing:

  • Main Campaign Quests: This is the main storyline of Sacred 2 Fallen Angel. There are two versions of this storyline, the Light Campaign and the Shadows Campaign, depending on the player character's alignment.
  • Side Quests: These quests are secondary quests which aren't linked with the main storyline. The player can choose to play as many side quests as wanted. Side quests may be the same no matter the character they are played by, different for Light and Shadows alignment, and even exclusive for Shadows or Light path characters.
  • Chain Quests: Chain quests are multi-part quests split in different chapters which must be done in a specific order. This different chapters form together a chain of sorted single quests that have to be completed one after another to reach the final mission goal. Chain quests may contain any number of single quests, from two to even fifteen of them.
  • Character Specific Side Quests: Class Specific Side Quests are just side quests which can only be played by a specific character class. This quests are marked in the map game as blue question signs and circles, and are different and exclusive for each different character class in Sacred 2 Fallen Angel.
  • Ice and Blood Quests: The contents of this page cover all quests that are found in the Crystal Plane and Blood Forest regions of the Sacred 2 expansion called "Ice & Blood".
  • Community Patch Quests: The contents of this page cover all quests that are found only with the download and installation of the Community Patch.

More listings can be found using the wiki category pages or the NPC page. These category listings are available:

This NPC Listing page is available:


If you want to add a new quest guide to the wiki please follow this steps:

  • Find out which kind of quest it is, based on the previous list of quest types.
  • Read this before adding the quest: How to add a Quest Guide to this page.
  • Complete instructions inside the template page to write your quest guide.