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This is a list of the tokens found in the \Sacred 2\scripts\shared\spells.txt file. In that file there are entries for all the Combat Arts in Sacred 2.

The values x and y are used in this list, where x is the second value and y the third from each entry. An example would be:

entry2 = {"et_baseAW", 200, 250, 0, 5 },

Here you have x = 200, y = 250.

Also the following abbreviations are used in this list:

  • calvl = Combat Art level
  • du = distance units (1 du = 0.0056m to 0.0057m)

And the following abbreviations are used for the tokens from the developers:

  • AW = attack rating
  • VW = defense rating
  • CC = close combat
  • rel = relative (percentage based, not flat)
  • dot = damage over time

Most the percent values should also be percentage points, as:

  • 50 percent + 50 percent = 75 percent (50 percent from 50 percent).
  • 50 percent + 50 percentage points = 100 percent.

Tokens marked with a (*) are modified by the +x% damage from their relative Lore skill (the skill beside the aspect's Focus skill that gives Modification Points).

For more help on this page read this forum topic here.

Please do add to the list without the formula for the values for each CA level shown ingame. However, if there is no way to check the data, insert your guess and mark it as one, if you are pretty sure.

et_addAttackspeed                       (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to attack and casting speed 
et_addattr_intelligence                 (x+y*calvl)/10 added to intelligence (*)
et_addattr_willpower                    (x+y*calvl)/10 added to willpower (*)
et_addCastspeed                         (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to casting speed
et_addskill_distancewpn                 (x+y*calvl)/10 added to distance weapon skills
et_addwalkspeed                         (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to run speed
et_addWeaponspeed                       (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to weapon attack speed
et_armor_any_rel                        (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to armor
et_attackspeed_limit                    (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to max attack speed
et_AW_rel                               (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to attack rating
et_AWboost_rel                          (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to attack rating
et_AWVW_rel                             (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to attack & defence rating, SW Augmenting Guidon (standarte)
et_banish_spells                        x+y*calvl banishing strength (exact name? (expulse magic)) (*)
et_base_armor_phy                       (x+y*calvl)/10 added to physical armor (*)
et_base_armor_poi                       (x+y*calvl)/10 added to poison armor (*)
et_baseAW                               (x+y*calvl)/10 added to attack rating
et_baseAW_timed                         (x+y*calvl)/10 added to attack rating
et_baseVW                               (x+y*calvl)/10 added to defense rating
et_baseVW_timed                         (x+y*calvl)/10 added to defense rating
et_blind_rage                           (x+y*calvl)/10 chance for any monsters within range to attack any other monster. Must be paird with et_summon_mylevel token.
et_boost_to_buff                        CA is changed to permanent buff, if x = 1000
et_call_target                          Forces some nearby monsters to attack the target of the CA, SE Instill Belief (bekehrung), IN Mortifying Pillory (pranger)
et_CC_AWboost_rel                       (x+y*calvl)/10 added to attack rating when wielding melee weapons, TG Combat Alert (kampfaura)
et_chance_areasplash                    (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance that you deal damage to adjacent enemies
et_chance_bleeding                      (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance to inflict open wounds (phsyical dot)
et_chance_block_missile                 Chance to block missile/ranged attacks, HE Incandescent Skin (feuerhaut), TG Untouchable Force (schockpulse)
et_chance_block_root                    Chance to block roots, SE Dashing Alacrity (befluegeln), HE Cascading Shroud (nebelform)
et_chance_block_spell                   Chance to block CAs, SE Divine Protection (notschild), HE Expulse Magic (bannkreis), DR Dust Devil (wirbeln)
et_chance_break_root                    (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance of breaking roots
et_chance_burning                       (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance for burn (fire dot)
et_chance_bypass_armor                  (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance to disregard armor
et_chance_chain_nr                      (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance that the CA hits an additional target, y = number of additional targets that can be hit
et_chance_criticalhit                   (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance for critical hits
et_chance_debuff_root                   (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance of rooting an enemy
et_chance_deepwound                     (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance to inflict deep wounds (max health reduced?)
et_chance_disarm                        (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance for disarming the enemy
et_chance_doublehit                     (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance for double hit
et_chance_electrify                     (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance for weaken (magic dot)
et_chance_evade                         (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance to evade
et_chance_fear                          (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance to fear enemies away with a hit
et_chance_fear_aura                     (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance to fear enemies away that are inside the aura radius
et_chance_knockback                     (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance to knock back opponents
et_chance_loot                          (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance to get loot again (guess)
et_chance_mortalstrike                  (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance to inflict deadly wounds
et_chance_mutate                        Chance to mutate target into either a chicken (1xp per kill) or a T-mutant, TG Primal Mutation (mutieren)
et_chance_piercing                      (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance that the projectile pierces the target
et_chance_reflect_CC                    Chance to reflect melee attacks, SE Battle Stance (kampfhaltung), IN Reverse Polarity (vergeltung), HE Incandescent Skin (feuerhaut), SW Reflective Emanation (umlenkung), Ancient Bark (rindenhaut), TG Combat Alert (kampfaura), TG Jolting Touch (tschock)
et_chance_reflect_missile               Chance to reflect ranged attacks, SE Divine Protection (notschild), SE Warding Energy (energieschild), IN Reverse Polarity (vergeltung), SW Reflective Emanation (umlenkung)
et_chance_reflect_root                  Chance to reflect roots, SW Reflective Emanation (umlenkung)
et_chance_reflect_spell                 Chance to reflect CAs, SE Warding Energy (energieschild), IN Reverse Polarity (vergeltung), HE Crystal Skin (kristallhaut), SW Reflective 
                                        Emanation (umlenkung), TG T-Energy Shroud (tkampfschild)
et_chance_reflect_stun                  Chance to reflect Stun, SW Reflective Emanation (umlenkung)
et_chance_stun                          (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance of stunning
et_chance_surehit                       (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance that enemies cannot evade attacks
et_charge_attackspeed                   SW Killing Spree (kampfrausch)
et_charge_AW_rel                        SW Killing Spree (kampfrausch)
et_closedown_buff                       Ends target's buffs, DR Black Curse (verderbensfluch), TG Archimedes Beam (archimedesstrahl)
et_cone_adapt                           Increased damage if target is closer to the caster? HE Blazing Tempest (feuersturm)& Gust of Wind (windstoss)
et_convert_chance                       1000+(x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance to convert an enemy, wil convert all opponents within range
et_cost_thisSpell                       1-1/(1+(x+y*calvl)/1000) percent faster reg time
et_damage_any_rel                       (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to all damage
et_damage_areasplash                    Applies damage to any targets in an area, SW Demonic Blow (harterschlag)
et_damage_fire_rel                      (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to fire damage
et_damage_ice_rel                       (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to ice damage
et_damage_magic_rel                     (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to magic damage
et_damage_weapon_rel                    (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to all weapon based damage
et_damping_any                          (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to all damage mitigration
et_damping_any_st                       (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to all damage mitigration
et_damping_fir                          (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to fire damage mitigration
et_damping_ice                          (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to ice damage mitigration
et_damping_phy                          (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to physical damage mitigration
et_damping_teamshare                    (x+y*calvl)/10 percent of damage transfered from you to each companion
et_deathblow                            double damage, if enemy has less than or equal to (x+y*calvl)/10 percent of max health
et_debuff_armor_phy                     Reduces target's Physical element armour/resistance, SE Pelting Strikes (schlaghagel), SE Soul Hammer (seelenhammer), IN Mortifying Pillory (pranger), IN Paralyzing Dread (entsetzen), DR Black Curse (verderbensfluch)
et_debuff_attackspeed                   1-1/(1+(x+y*calvl)/1000 percent reduced attackspeed of enemies
et_debuff_EAW                           Reduces enemy's attack rating, SE Baneful Smite (blitz), SE Radiant Pillar (lichtsaeule), SE Flaring Nova (schockwelle), IN Paralyzing 
                                        Dread (entsetzen), HE Frost Flare (frostschlag), HE Raging Nimbus (schneesturm), SW Augmenting Guidon (standarte)
et_debuff_EVW                           Reduces enemy's defence rating, SE Pelting Strikes (schlaghagel), SE Cleansing Brilliance (lichtaura), IN Mortifying Pillory (pranger), 
                                        SW Belligerent Vault (sprung)
et_debuff_movespeed                     1-1/(1+(x+y*calvl)/1000 percent reduced run speed of enemies
et_debuff_movespeed_st                  1-1/(1+(x+y*calvl)/1000 percent reduced run speed of enemies at start location of CA, SE Assailing Somersault (wirbelsprung), SW Belligerent Vault (sprung)
et_debuff_prone_fir                     Increases the amount of damage enemies take from fire elemental damage by a %, TG Fiery Ember (gluthitze)
et_debuff_prone_ice                     Increases the amount of damage enemies take from ice elemental damage by a %, HE Crystal Skin (kristallhaut), TG Icy Evanescence (eiseskaelte)
et_debuff_reduce_armor                  Reduces target's armour/resistances, SW Demonic Blow (harterschlag)
et_debuff_stats                         1-1/(1+(x+y*calvl)/1000 percent reduced attributes of enemies
et_dist_attackspeed                     (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to distance attack speed
et_dist_AW_rel                          (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to distance attack rating
et_dotdam_TC_mag                        Magic damage over time if the target is a T-mutant, HE Cobalt Strike (energieblitz)
et_dotdamage_fire                       Fire damage over time, HE Blazing Tempest (feuersturm)
et_dotdamage_ice                        Ice damage over time, IN Dislodged Spirit (seelenraub), HE Frost Flare (frostschlag)
et_dotdamage_magic                      Magic damage over time, SE Baneful Smite (blitz), IN Levin Array (faecherblitz)
et_dotdamage_physical                   Physical damage over time, IN Clustering Maelstrom (machtsog)
et_dotdamage_poison                     Poison damage over time, Eruptive Desecration (schaendung)
et_double_inqui                         Gives Doppleganger minion access to Gruesome Inquisition CAs, IN Zealous Doppelganger (doppelgaenger)
et_double_power                         Gives Doppleganger minion access to Astute Supremacy CAs, IN Zealous Doppelganger (doppelgaenger)
et_drop_a_head                          Increases chance that a Shrunken Head will be dropped by targetted monster, DR Twisted Torment (quaelen), DR Viperish Disease (krankheit), DR Black Curse (verderbensfluch)
et_duration_sec                         (x+y*calvl)/100 seconds duration for the combat art or effects from the combat art
et_energy_leech_once                    All CA are recharged by (x+y*calvl)/10 percent with a hit
et_energy_leech_whit                    HE Magic Coup (magischerschlag)
et_essence_debuff_stats                 Reduces target's attributes, possibly for the duration of the CA, rather than as a standard Weaken, DR Black Curse (verderbensfluch)
et_essence_spelldam_phy                 DR Malicious Totem (totem)
et_essence_spelldam_poi                 DR Malicious Totem (totem)
et_evade_detection                      (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance to evade detection
et_exp_rel                              Gives a bonus to caster's experience per kill, SW Augmenting Guidon (standarte)
et_friendfactor                         (x+y*calvl)/10 percent of CA's bonuses are shared with party members, SE Battle Stance (kampfhaltung), SE Hallowed Restoration (heilen), SW Rousing Command (kampfruf), SW Reflective Emanation (umlenkung), DR Dust Devil (wirbeln), DR Goldenglade Touch (handauflegen), TG Combat Alert (kampfaura)
et_hits_persec                          (x+y*calvl)/1000 hits per second
et_hurl_enemy                           (x+y*calvl)/10 percent of CA damage done to colliding enemies 
et_invisible                            x+y*calvl "verstohlenheit" (german word, please look up from SW Shadow Veil)
et_is_buff                              CA is a buff, if x = 1000
et_item_chance_piercing                 (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance that the attacks will pierce targets
et_item_chance_surehit                  (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance that enemies cannot evade attacks
et_itemdam_phy                          Increases weapon damage, is affected by Aspect Lore, not Tactics Lore, SE BeeEffGee (beeeffgee)
et_jumpdistance                         x+y*calvl du jumping distance
et_life_buff                            (x+y*calvl)/10 health added (*)
et_life_heal_hp                         (x+y*calvl)/10 halth healed
et_life_heal_rel                        (x+y*calvl)/10 percent of max health healed
et_life_heal_rel_exit                   (x+y*calvl)/10 percent of max health healed when enemy is killed with this CA
et_life_heal_rel_st                     (x+y*calvl)/10 percent of max health healed
et_life_leech                           (x+y*calvl)/10 health healed per hit (*)
et_life_leech_rel                       (x+y*calvl)/10 percent of max enemy health healed
et_life_regen                           (x+y*calvl)/10 health healed per second (*)
et_lightrange                           Increases player's Light Range, SE Cleansing Brilliance (lichtaura)
et_maxangle_cone                        x+y*calvl degree from player area of effect
et_minion_addreg                        ? Base minion health regen rate? SW Nether Allegiance (kohorte)
et_minion_armor_all                     Increases minion's resistance to all elements (x+y per level per element), SW Rallied Souls (kampfbefehl), DR Moribund Animus (zombie)
et_minion_attackspeed                   Increases minion's attack speed, IN Inexorable Subjugation (versklavung), DR Moribund Animus (zombie)
et_minion_attackspeed_timed             Increases minion's attack speed (for a duration), SE Instill Belief (bekehrung)
et_minion_AWVW_rel                      (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to attack and defense rating (no way to check for correctness)
et_minion_blame                         Increases liklehood that other monsters will attack minion created by CA (ie, increases the minion's "threat"), IN Inexorable Subjugation (versklavung)
et_minion_infect                        Gives a chance that the minions will convert monsters into more minions when the monster dies, SW Rallied Souls (kampfbefehl)
et_minion_lifetime                      (x+y*calvl)/100 seconds minion lifetime
et_minion_raise                         Increases the max number of minions summonable per cast, SW Rallied Souls (kampfbefehl)
et_minion_replenish                     (x+y*calvl)/10 percent increased health regeneration
et_minion_wdam_phy                      Increases minion's weapon damage (Physical element), SW Rallied Souls (kampfbefehl), DR Moribund Animus (zombie)
et_missile_adapt                        Increases the number of projectiles, the damage is split between the projectiles but increased (looks like 60% damage each), SE Archangel’s Wrath (schwertfeuer),
                                        SE Flaring Nova (schockwelle), HE Ancestral Fireball (feuerball), HE Glacial Thorns (eissplitter)
et_missile_count                        Increases the number of projectiles (eg, arrows, meteors, ice shards) for full damage each, HE Incendiary Shower (meteor), SW Skeletal Fortification (unterstuetzung),
                                        DR Ravaged Impact (konzentrierterangriff), DR Darting Assault (angriffsserie), DR Edaphic Lances (bodenspiesse)
et_mult_weapondamage                    (x+y*calvl)/1000 is the damage multiplier
et_physical_to_best                     1-1/(1+(x+y*calvl)/10) percent of physical damage converted to least resisted damage
et_physical_to_fire                     1-1/(1+(x+y*calvl)/10) percent of physical damage converted to fire damage
et_physical_to_magic                    1-1/(1+(x+y*calvl)/10) percent of physical damage converted to magic damage
et_physical_to_poison                   1-1/(1+(x+y*calvl)/10) percent of physical damage converted to poison damage
et_plague_infect                        Increases chance that disease-type CA will spread, DR Viperish Disease (krankheit)
et_plague_poison                        (x+y*calvl)/10 percent per second life lost of enemies
et_pull_range_rel                       Monsters within range will be pulled to centre of CA, SE Radiant Pillar (lichtsaeule)
et_push_distance                        enmies are pushed x+y*calvl du away 
et_quicken_boost                        (x+y*calvl)/10 percent increased the speed at which S2 performs calculations on the CA, ie, speeds it up but also reduces it's lifetime/duration.
et_range_area                           x+y*calvl du area of effect
et_range_distance                       x+y*calvl du maximal distance
et_range_minimum                        1-1/(1+(x+y*calvl)/1000) percent reduced space between thorns
et_range_near                           affects only enemies right next to you, if x=1000 (guess)
et_reduce_debuffs                       1-1/(1+(x+y*calvl)/1000) percent reduced negative magic effects
et_reduce_Ereflect                      Reduces enemies's chance to reflect damage, DR Sinister Predator (projektilfokus)
et_reduce_evade                         Reduces target's chance to evade attack, TG Battle Extension (kampfarm)
et_regAnyAspect                         1-1/(1+(x+y*calvl)/1000) percent reduced reg time
et_regAspect_inferno                    1-1/(1+(x+y*calvl)/1000) percent reduced reg time the inferno aspect
et_regAspect_storm                      1-1/(1+(x+y*calvl)/1000) percent reduced reg time the storm aspect
et_regAspect_this                       1-1/(1+(x+y*calvl)/1000) percent reduced reg time in this aspect
et_regThisBuff                          Reduces the regen malus from this buff, SE Battle Stance (kampfhaltung), SE Warding Energy (energieschild), SE BeeEffGee (beeeffgee), 
                                        HE Fire Demon (feuerdaemon), SW Grim Resilience (willensstaerke)
et_regThisCool                          1-1/(1+(x+y*calvl)/1000) percent reduced cooldown time
et_self_prone_fir                       (x+y*calvl)/10 percent more damage taken from fire
et_shield_regen                         Gives energy shield in-combat regen of +x per second (modified by aspect lore), TG T-Energy Shroud (tkampfschild)
et_shieldblock                          Increases damage reduction on energy shields (+x), SE Warding Energy (energieschild), TG T-Energy Shroud (tkampfschild)
et_shieldfactor                         (x+y*calvl)/10 percent enery shield absorbtion, determines the % of each attack that is diverted to the player's energy shield instead of health
et_shieldstrength                       Increases energy shield HP, SE Warding Energy (energieschild), TG T-Energy Shroud (tkampfschild)
et_shieldstrength_timed                 Increases duration of energy shield, SE Divine Protection (notschild)
et_shrink_a_head                        Increases chance that a Shrunken Head will be dropped by monsters, DR Sinister Predator (projektilfokus), DR Moribund Animus (zombie)
et_singlecharge                         Stores an amount of damage from the CA & then releases it as an AoE burst after CA has finished, SW Scything Sweep (befreiungsschlag)
et_slow_enemy_any                       1-1/(1+(x+y*calvl)/1000) percent reduced speed of enemies (attack/run?)
et_soul_AW_rel                          (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to attack rating per soul
et_soul_collect_time                    (x+y*calvl)/100 seconds lifetime of a soul
et_soul_explosion                       Damage done if target dies while under the effects of CA, IN Dislodged Spirit (seelenraub)
et_soul_life_regen                      (x+y*calvl)/10 health healed per second while you have a soul
et_soul_regAnyAspect                    1-1/(1+(x+y*calvl)/1000) percent reduced reg time while you have a soul
et_soul_VW_rel                          (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to defensive rating per soul
et_spell_intensity_rel                  Increases caster's Spell Intensity stat, affects all aspects, HE Crystal Skin (kristallhaut)
et_spelldam_TC_fir                      Adds CA damage (fire element) against T-mutants, SE Cleansing Brilliance (lichtaura), HE Expulse Magic (bannkreis)
et_spelldam_UD_mag                      Adds CA damage (magic element) against Undead, SE Cleansing Brilliance (lichtaura), HE Expulse Magic (bannkreis)
et_spelldamage_fire                     \
et_spelldamage_ice                      |
et_spelldamage_magic                    |> in all damaging spells, adds damage to spells
et_spelldamage_physical                 |
et_spelldamage_poison                   /
et_summon_armor                         Increases summon's resistances (x+y per level per element), SW Nether Allegiance (kohorte)
et_summon_item                          Summons item y if x = 1000
et_summon_level                         Affects level of summoned item/creature, SE BeeEffGee (beeeffgee), IN Zealous Doppelganger (doppelgaenger), HE Fire Demon (feuerdaemon), 
                                        SW Nether Allegiance (kohorte), DR Moribund Animus (zombie)
et_summon_longsword                     1770 = blueprint ID, SW Nether Allegiance (kohorte)
et_summon_mylevel                       Sets the level of a summon based on character level, or sets maximum level monster which can be effected by CA
et_summon_shrinkminion                  Summon's minion. Specific minion determined by equipped Shrunken Head, DR Moribund Animus (zombie)
et_summon_soldier                       summon x/1000 times creature y, Specific minion determined by token values (eg, 1929 = Doppelganger, 636 = HE's Fire Demon, 2022 = DM's Familiar, 2013 = DM's Destroyer, 2014 = DM's Protector), per Creatures.txt
et_summon_towershield                   1771 = blueprint ID, SW Nether Allegiance (kohorte)
et_supercharge                          x+y*calvl percent charged per hit
et_target_seeker                        (x+y*calvl)/10 percent chance that projectile seeks target
et_teleport_2sec                        teleport duration is 2/(1+(x+y*calvl)/1000) seconds
et_ThisSpeed                            Reduces regen time for the CA, SW Spectral Hand (geisterhand), SW Shadow Veil (geistform)
et_VWboost_rel                          (x+y*calvl)/10 percent added to defense rating
et_weapondamage_fire                    Adds fire elemental damage to weapon-based CA attacks, IN Ruthless Mutilation (verstuemmelung)
et_weapondamage_ice                     Adds ice elemental damage to weapon-based CA attacks, SW Spectral Hand (geisterhand)
et_weapondamage_poison                  Adds poison elemental damage to weapon-based CA attacks, IN Mortifying Pillory (pranger), SW Demonic Blow (harterschlag), SW Frenzied Rampage (attacke)
et_wounded_rage                         (x+y*calvl)/10 percent increased damage when wounded (see below)
et_wounded_rage_ut                      TG Deathly Spears (todesspiesse)
et_wounded_thold                        if health is lesser or equal (x+y*calvl)/10 percent of max health, et_wounded_rage does max damage