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Book of the Seraphim

Memorandum from Uris'N TachYon concerning the use of cloned warriors: The first test run in the defense matrix GT-AS 525 went entirely satisfactory. The DNA morphing of Dragon Battle Lizards with female Elifa slaves produced effective fighting amazons in a very short time. These warriors can be used in combat against the three-dimensional demonic giant Worgarians as a replenishable battlefield resource.

Fiber-reinforced bone constructions and organic reflex amplifiers permit efficient close combat techniques to be employed. Fitted with transmitters to send inquiries from geostationary transfer satellites, these warriors prove to be very efficient terminators, since they are able to call energy bundles from orbit by vocal command, or energized protective shields.

The plans exist to carry out training routines to turn these clone fighters into efficient pilots for our space attack forces. The spacecraft of the Paladin Class seem to me to be a suitable basis for this.


  • This book is an extremely rare book and interesting find. It is the Book of the Seraphim and can only be gotten if a player is playing the Seraphim character. It is an important book that tells the story of the origin of the Seraphim. In the Oasis of Ahil'Tar, there is a quest giver named Gunther the Seer who had a vision of a nightmarish demon hanging out in the desert and would like the player to go check it out. If a player is playing any other class, the must simply go down there, kill the demon and his minions and then return to the Oasis to have a chat with Gunther for their reward. However, if a player is playing a Seraphim, they will find another Seraphim in the pile of dead bodies. She is the same one they rescued previously near Bellevue. She will tell the player that "they lied" just before she dies. The Seraphim will drop the book and the only lightsaber in the game can be procured easily.
  • A player may get get a lightsaber from the Ice Elves if they have the Disarming skill.

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