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cannonblast.png Fires a projectile from his back in a straight trajectory that explodes into many small splinters, damaging the target and confusing all opponents within range. The Dwarf fires a single salvo at an enemy in his line of sight. This blast has a limited range. Within this limited range (approx. 3/5th, or 60% of the screen), the salvo will pass through the initial target, striking others directly behind them. Others struck this way suffer lesser damage. There is a chance that each enemy struck by the blast will become confused, clueless that they have just been smacked. The Cannon Blast may also be fired at an empty patch of ground. Any targets close to the spot so struck will suffer reduced damage, with the same chance of becoming confused. In addition, there is a chance that targets will be struck twice by the blast fragments. In other words: a direct hit that would ordinary inflict 1062 damage to the target may actually strike twice, each hit inflicting 1062 damage! This can also occur to targets indirectly affected by the blast.

Usage Strategies

A handy strategy to keep in mind when dealing with mobs is to target the enemy furthest away so that the blast travels through the enemies in front and damages them.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent one hit killer
  • Sometimes it will do double damage


  • The targeting can be tricky. If you do not aim well it will do only minimal damage.

Damage Type(s): Physical

Stats Chart

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