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th_gdst.png Looks can indeed kill. This skill gives the Gladiator an aura of spikes. Nearby opponents suffer damage.

Usage Strategies

Dagger Stare can be used as a main attack or to draw enemies to you. DS damage is boosted by Weapon Lore, Strength, and Survival Bonus. DS can be combined with the Andiell's set as DS triggers the blood damage bonus of that set. It can also be used with a completed Fadalmar's Axe or Orla's Staff, as DS can trigger those items' special set bonus.

Pros and Cons


  • Range increases as CA level increases.
  • No apparent resistance - so it damages any enemy.
  • No animation delay while on horseback.


  • Damage occurs in pulses once per second. Only damages one enemy per pulse.
  • Can attract multiple enemies to you, resulting in your being mobbed.
  • Dgger Stare does not leech.

Stats Chart

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