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slsh.png The Seraphim creates a shield of light, which surrounds her and will deflect basic projectiles. Magical and poison attacks will not be deflected. The animation for this causes a translucent shield to appear about the seraphim which moves around with her while rotating. All ranged projectile attacks (non magical) that are deflected by the shield will cause it to sparkle if they do not penetrate. The higher the level of Combat Art used, the higher the chance of deflecting a projectile. First level Light Shield will imbue the seraphim with a 74% chance of deflecting all projectiles, very useful even at such a low level. This buff can be cast on any others within the party as well.

Usage Strategies

  • Cast Light Shield when going into areas which are heavily populated with archers. Mascarell and the desert especially where Orcs with bows and crossbows can be found. Also useful against dryads and skeleton archers.
  • Can be combined with other buffs in a combo like Rotating Blades of Light and Light allowing for formidable damage and protection.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • 74% percent chance of deflecting all projectiles with only one level of rune read.
  • Can be cast as a buff upon others in the party.
  • Maximum duration of 120 seconds.

  • Cons
  • Must be cast repeatedly and can be very dangerous if the buff runs out while in the middle of a melee battle which jam the player whilst being attacked with arrows from a distance.