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This arrow will penetrate all opponents in its flight path and inflict damage on each of them. After passing through an enemy, the arrow will change course and seek another or even circle back and re-strike the same enemy – until either its duration expires, or the targeted enemy is dead. The lifetime of the arrows, and their damage bonus both increase with higher levels of the art.


Usage Strategies

Penetrating Arrow fires a single arrow that auto-hits the target & will fly around for a second (& third, etc) hit, making it an efficient damage dealer when dealing with large monsters, each hit counts individually, so any "on-hit" effects, such as Split, & % gold drop will be able to occur on each hit.

PA can be easily confused, as it takes it's "target" from the first monster it hits, so if it passes through a monster on it's way to the target you fired it at, it'll switch targets to the one it's just hit. If it hits another target while circling for a second (etc) pass on it's original target, it'll also switch targets, so that's something to think about when using it against a mob.

PA can be used with Multiple Shot & you get several PA fired at once (firing out in a star pattern around you), which then home in on their target. PA will suffer from the damage reduction from Multiple Shot, but if PA is still flying around after MS has finished, all of the arrows will do "full" damage instead of 1/x damage.

Pros and Cons


  • PA hits the target several times.
  • PA flies around damaging the target for it's duration, or until the target dies.
  • PA can be "re-targeted" if it passes through a different monster (both a pro & a con, depending on the circumstances).
  • PA will do full damage if it's still flying around after Multiple Shot has run out, so you'll have several arrows flying around instead of just one.


  • PA can be "re-targeted" if it passes through a different monster (both a pro & a con, depending on the circumstances).

Stats Chart

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