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tentacles.png Tentacles grow from the corpses of opponents killed while this aura was active. These attack any enemy approaching, sucking the life out of them. When cast, the Daemon will be surrounded by a circle of black dots that travel with her. The tentacles will only sprout from an enemy that has been killed before hand. Maximum duration of the aura is 90 seconds, with all killed monsters sprouting tentacles within that time. The tentacles will last for 10 seconds, with damage being a mix of magic and poison (more poison than magic).

th_tentacle2.jpg th_tentacle.jpg

Usage Strategies

  • Cast choice of Daemon form, Call of Death and Tentacles. Call of Death will amplify the damage done by tentacles after the first death caused by your primary way of killing whether magical or melee.
  • Cast Tentacles from a weapon slot that has items that enhance the level of the spell, then switch back to your main attack weapon slot which amplifies your main form of spell or melee.
  • Make sure that Tentacles regenerate faster than the duration, so that this spell will always be there to cast.
  • Turn graphics settings on the game to the lowest if you wish to avoid lag and potential system crash on weaker computer systems.

Pros and Cons


  • Magnificent animation. It has the potential to transform the entire landscape into blood-drenched carnage. A wave of gore will travel across a mob as they are killed.
  • Works particularly well with Call of Death, as the tentacles all do a series of damage, and if one is killed, the next hit becomes more powerful, escalating damage quickly.
  • Excellent mob killer


  • Tremendous lag, in some cases the effect of Tentacles' animation can drop a player out of a multi-player game.
  • The tentacles will not kill the first monster, and will only sprout from monsters killed during the duration of the spell. Another Combat Art (spell or melee) must be combined with Tentacles to initiate a death from which the tentacles will sprout.
  • The Aura must be recast continuously... if using this spell with another Daemon CA as well as Call of Death, the job of having to recast a form, and two extra Combat Arts can become arduous.
  • Does not work particularly well in Multi Player if you are in a party, as Tentacles only spawn if you kill a monster, not if your team-mates do.
  • The Aura of being able to have tentacles sprout only lasts for 90 seconds.

Damage Type(s): Magic, Poison

Tentacles lvl 1 50 100 150 200
Tentacles Duration 10s 10s 10s 10s 10s
Aura Duration 45s 90s 90s 90s 90s