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  • Quest Giver: Lema Chamberly
  • Location(s): Inside a house just north of the regular shop keeper in Porto Vallum
  • Prerequisite Quest: None
  • Next Quest: None
  • Reward: Varies

Quick Walkthrough

Talk to Lema Chamberly to begin this quest.

Go grab the shirt and then return it to Lema Chamberly to complete the quest.

Detailed Walkthrough

Talk to Lema Chamberly to begin this quest. She asks you go retrieve a lost shirt.


You will find the shirt directly east of the house and to the north of the cave where you find the Hidden Merchant.



Pick the shirt up and then go back to the house. Give the shirt to Lema Chamberly in order to complete this quest.


Logbook Entry

th_FavshirtL1.jpg th_LostshirtL2.jpg th_FavshirtL3.jpg

= Notes

  • You can complete two quests at once here if you like. You need to go just a little bit east of where you find this shirt in order to carry out the Orc Slayer assignment.

Alternative description on Wolfe's Lair