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The Lost Diaries of Magus Elohinir

Book 3

31. Tyrbor 129

Very cold
The temperature artifact reads 1 finger

Altering dimensions with magic is a highly interesting pastime! I spent all day in the library and discovered a wealth of new possibilities. Will have to install more shelving to use the new space. A very interesting side effect: spontaneous occurrences of T-Energy. Must urgently check the hazard level!

Cookie has returned! Thank the Gods! It certainly took a lot of chocolates this time! She has returned just in time – I had run out of clean laundry.

The apprentice is improving! Perhaps we can begin studying Fire Magic next week?!

Note: Shelves!

3. Yal 129

The temperature artifact reads 6 fingers

Will have to look at the library again – I was attacked by a T-Energy Goblin while reading! Luckily, I had my wand close at hand! That could have turned very nasty! Perhaps the alterations were not such a good idea after all?

Red wine arrived today. Very good!

5. Yal 129

The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 0 fingers

The T-Energy Goblins in the library are becoming quite a nuisance! I shall have to resort to some rather harsh measures to stop them… It is impossible to reverse the spell without risking a multidimensional convolution! The situation is grave! Have sent the apprentice to the academy with a message. Perhaps someone from the Inner Circle knows a solution to this quandary.

Ordered new shelves. Outrageously expensive! This world is just full of leeches!

Note: Asking Cookie to make room for the new shelves in the library!

12. Yal 129

Rain, mild
The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 4 fingers

Apprentice has returned with a message from the academy – unfortunately they are no great help. This morning I once again found three quite drunk and confused Trolls asleep in the library. The contents of their bowels were splattered across the entire Encyclopaedia Arcana Magica! If I could only locate the dimensional tear in space, I could close it with a few simple stabilization spells.

Note: Ask cookie to wipe the Troll vomit from the encyclopaedias and clear up the mess!

Note: Buy some Dryadic Perfume Trees!

14. Yal 129

Cool, cloudy
The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 4 fingers

Disaster! Cookie attacked and bitten by a T-Energy rat while cleaning! Killed rat, but Cookie has a deep bite wound. I have given her three days off work, perhaps she will recover.

Locked the door to the library. Used maximum security magical locks with triple hyper-glyphing!

Sent apprentice back to the academy – he is no longer safe here.

17. Yal 129

Cloud, dull, morning mist
The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 2 fingers

Cookie came to work today. She is now a T-Energy cook – there are no apparent disadvantages to this. Indeed, she seems to work much more efficiently than before, and can now lift heavy items. She also seems to speak less – a most agreeable development! However. I am not entirely sure what to make of these events…

I shall have to enter the library again some time in the next few days.

22. Yal 129

Sunny, cold
The temperature artifact reads 7 fingers

Cookie caused something of a stir at the market today. Having noted her T-Energy aura, the town guards decided to kill her. Fortunately, I was able to dissuade them of their intentions.

Preparing to enter the library and search for the leak. I cannot let this matter rest.

Note: Do not send cookie to market again!

24. Yal 129

Cool, windy
The temperature artifact reads 5 fingers

My preparations are complete. Tomorrow I shall unlock the door to the library, and attempt to find and seal the leak. I fear this will be no easy task!

I have put all my affairs in order, in case I do not return – details can be found in an envelope on the mantelpiece.

25. Yal 129

The temperature artifact reads 3 fingers

I shall now open the door.

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