Sacred 2:Let's Have a Drink!

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  • Quest Objective: Fetch more wine for Melantion
  • Quest Difficulty: 1 star
  • Quest Giver: Melantion
  • Location(s): Twainbrook
  • Prerequisite Quest: None
  • Next Quest: None
  • Reward: Gold
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Quick Walkthrough

  • Talk to Melantion in Twainbrook.
  • Head west of the town and reach the watermill.
  • Walk into the mill building and talk to Wine Merchant Naia.
  • Walk to the wine cellar just west of the mill.
  • Kill 6 spiders that are lurking in the cellar.
  • Return to Wine Merchant Naia and talk to her.
  • Return to Twainbrook and talk to Melantion to receive your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough

Right near the big mansion in Twainbrook there is an elf standing in the shade of a big tree. He looks quite strange. Is he drunk? But he wants to talk to you, so you have an opportunity to know, what's wrong with him.


Fetch me two barrels of wine!

This is truly a disaster! The party I am having with me, myself and I is a huge success, but now my supplier tells me that I am too drunk and he will not sell me anymore wine. I can't just drink cheap stuff! My reputation as a tramp would be ruined.

Do you want to earn some gold? Not far from here is a wine merchant called Naia. She sells the best wines in town. Go, pay her a visit and fetch me two of her best barrels, and only her best!


So, his name is Melantion and he is giving a party. At least he says so. And what's more important, he is in need of more wine - which is your new task now.

Searching for the wine merchant that Melantion mentioned, you walk west out of Twainbrook. After you cross the river, you turn north and follow the track until you reach the watermill.

That's a strange place to find a wine merchant, but it seems to be exactly where Melantion told you to go. So you walk inside, and really see Naia, the Wine Merchant here. She looks quite worried. Looks like her business is having some problems now. Since she was told to be the best wine merchant in the area, you ask her, what her problem is.


Wine? Of course I can give you wine. After all, I am a wine merchant.

The really good wine is in the cellar though, and we have a little problem with vermin. I'll tell you what, get rid of the vermin and you can have two of my best barrels of red wine!


The problem turned out to be quite simple - she has a spider infestation problem and can't gain an access to her own wine cellar. Conveniently she is willing to pay you a couple of barrels of wine if you eliminate the vermin. Since a couple of spiders may be a problem for an elven lady, but not for a travelling warrior, you accept her task and head west to her cellar.

Down into the wine cellar there are many spiders lurking. Only six of them are marked as the quest enemies. You need to kill these six. Though killing the others won't hurt too.

Now when Naia's problem is solved, you can return to her for your promised two barrels of wine. So you go back to the mill and tell the lady that the spiders she feared are long gone.


Those were ghastly creatures, weren't they? Okay, here is the wine I promised you.


You finally got the wine, so now is the time to return to Twainbrook and give the barrels to your drunk employer.


Finally! And it's about time! I had to start making speeches to get the guests to drink less. Thank you very much. Here is your reward.


Melantion is hopelessly drunk... but at least you made him happy by bringing him more wine and he paid you some gold. That wasn't exactly an adventure, but at least it gave you a valuable experience.

Quest Enemies


Damage Types:

Weakest Against:

Region: Tyr Lysia
Nearby: Twainbrook

Logbook Entry


  • The Tutorial Damage Types quest Burn Skeletons, Burn! also takes place in Naia's wine cellar making it easy to carry out both quests together.
  • Instead of showing up in the Tasks list as might be expected, the two barrels of wine you receive (Ancaria Cuvée XX) are listed at the bottom of the log.